I've reached the point where I am just "alright, whatever" when it comes to normal conquest matchmaking. Normal is not a high priority, I get it.

But looking at the ranked matchmaking for conquest, I am completely baffled and confused. Just look at those two examples right here:

Here we have a Gold I and qualifying player matched with and against Diamond league players.

This one is even worse, with Bronze league players going up against a duo of Platinum league players.

Can someone explain to me how this kind of nonsense happens?
From other competitive games I am used that, generally speaking, players get matched up against other players of the same league. You'd usually see Gold against Gold, Platinum against Platinum and so forth, with borderline players occasionally getting matched with and against players of the next higher/lower league.

I don't understand this... at all. And I have never seen this kind of failure of matchmaking in any game before. You cannot put Bronze players up against Platinum, this is not how matchmaking and leagues and that entire system should work.