Alright, all we know its a big lie because they arent capable to fix it, 5 sessions and they have not even tried (i play sinsce seasson 2 so but im aware how bad it was on S1) to fix it

There were, are and will probably be a lot of particular cases (over all in ranked) that people or has in their team or enemy team people that are unranked, even though while they are diamond or platinum, it has been seen that it isnt unlikely to happens to masters and grandmasters and I don't want to believe that it happens because Hi Rez has preference for them because they are better players by stats (even thoguh most of them play for their rank, not fun)... But in that case, why does it only happen with diamond 1 and below? That's the question I wanted to know and the reason Im making this thread , I don't even want to talk about the casual matches because they are underrated by most stupid people and while someone has more then 2000 elo, in his team someone else has fewer than 1000 or even worse, in the enemy team

In addition, as there won't be solutions to this, do you know anyway to trick against this obviusly well made matchmaking? The only "tactics" I had learnt by experience are just making party, but what happen to those who don't have too many friends or the ones that enjoy playing alone? imagine how bad is duel

It it my first thread so I hope that the ideas were clear, thanks for reading and making this far!