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Thread: The Violence and Hatred is real.

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    Unhappy The Violence and Hatred is real.

    So, Today i won an Assault where we had fun, exept for one thing.

    There was, like in every game, an evident toxic player.

    But this time, i cannot accept it. It has gone too far, the violent medias are spreading violence even on fun games now. It must end, NOW.

    I, of course, writted to Hi-Rez about that before comming here. i'm kindly asking you, Smite community:


    Please stop the hatred, stop the toxicity, stop violence, stop threats, stop everything that is negative and don't belong on a FUN GAME.
    It is a strategic TEAMWORK game, not an individualist insult and trolling contest!

    Be kind to others, mute bad players as soon as they show hatred. accept that some players are not good at this game, please, HAVE FUN.

    (Just to make it clear, i never insulted the guy, i was playing Chiron, and i ruled! i had fun, i'm always playing RP. i muted him, in fact, i didn't do ANYTHING to deserve this hatred)...

    This matter is real, we must stop closing our eyes on this, it must end, NOW.


    (I have no idea how to post pictures on forum, hope it worked?)

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    at this point it is too little, too late. the toxicity is almost hard coded into most Smite players to some degree, even if it is just backlash at other toxic players.
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