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Thread: Clans, harassment and bans

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    Exclamation Clans, harassment and bans

    So, there's no doubt that the SMITE community is pretty toxic and that Hi-Rez has become more and more sensitive to offensive content (due to the fact that certain words are straight-up blocked from being typed). Now, considering these facts, you'd think that they would improve their reporting system and not disable it (by the way, you can still report people from the "Recently played" tab in your friends list) and would disband all these clans with homophobic names (there's like a billion of them, just search for "gay").

    Now, the biggest problem of these clans is "Gaymer Gaming", which seems to be filled with homophobic people, harassing everyone and only playing in groups to mass-report and harass people in random matches. I see these people everywhere, in every single match, unfairly reporting innocent people and if Hi-Rez really cared about their "family-friendly" image, they'd take some action against these people.

    Now, my final, comprehensive point is: If you're going to change your policy and try to eliminate offensive people from your game, then do so instead of blocking a couple of offensive words and limiting the reports.

    Get your shit together, Hi-Rez. You're being disappointing.

    Edit1: Can't report clan names either, and I think we should get a Clan report button ASAP, which would temporarily put the clan in stasis and have their name changed with no possibility of parole, depending on the severity.
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