The new update with the achievement that gives you 5 new announcer packs actually made me a bit mad. I don't like the default announcer pack as it is and adding a version i can't even understand frustrates me. "Well don't use it then." I like setting my announcer packs to random mostly because i have multiple that i really like and i can't choose which one i really want.

So after posting on steam and getting feedback, it was suggested that a blacklist feature be enabled so that you can set it to random and have certain announcer packs excluded. This can also be stretched to every personal thin in the game. Have a ward skin you don't like but you want to keep it random? No problem! Just blacklist it. I think it's a very simple request and would make the game just that much more enjoyable and i know for certain i'm not the only one who feels this change is a good idea.