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Thread: Hi Rez needs to get their testing team in order

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    Hi Rez needs to get their testing team in order

    I'm not even talking about the intended OP-ness of the baron here. Baron was released with 3 (three!) bugs! (buff while drinking, 30% on his 1 instead of 15, ánd most buggy of all: ignored slow immunity). Did the test team not think to check "hey, what would happen if samedi slows cabrakan?" What do you pay them for? Do you just let your children play a few games and that's it?

    And every patch they break something that was never damaged. last week inviting always gave the message "declined". HOW? HOW do you mess that up? I'm a programmer, it's a simple if-else! This week you hear the 'match ready' sound every time anyone accepts. Again, HOW did you mess that up? did you let your interns rummage through your code 5 minutes before release? Did your cat walk on your keyboard? replaying the 'lock sound' everytime anyone locks, breaking the tip button, gods missing from the scoreboard when you press TAB; every patch I wonder, "what ridiculous thing will they break this time?"

    Hi-rez, get your s*** together. Stop releasing live patches with glaring, obvious, impossible to miss bugs. Have a strong conversation with your testing team and your release manager. If I see a bug within 2 minutes of just LAUNCHING the game, someone on your team did a really bad job.

    edit: lmao, you even broke the report button? You broke the thing that has worked fine for over 2 years?
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    As a programmer, you should now that the immensity of a game doesn't allow for singular systems not to interact with each other. Also, sometimes a fix takes longer than they want to hold a patch back. I personally prefer to play a game where the report button is broken then a game where Baron isn't nerfed.

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