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Thread: What is the point of blocking someone?

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    I think there was an issue with this in overwatch. A person could just block anybody they didn't like fighting (like a skilled person) and just constantly fight against lower level people/ bad people.

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    I used to block people all the time and never had them show back up on my team, other side yes but not mine. I think you guys are mistaken that block used to block people from grouping with you.

    Maybe it only blocked them for a few days or so but it did block them or I bet the odds for 100’s of games if not thousands of games.....was a lot better then, way less people doing and that’s all arena is unfortunatly

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    No, it doesn't block them from being in your matches, in your team or in the enemy team. Just because you didn't get them in your team doesn't mean it was because you blocked them, chances are, you won't probably see the same person too often in your matches.

    And it is a horrible idea, it would be easily abused, others already said how.
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