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Thread: More time in god select for Assualt.

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    More time in god select for Assualt.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has already requested this before
    but can we please get more time preparing for a match in Assault?

    The timer on it is way shorter than that on any other match
    while you actually need more, usually what happens is me and my friends would spend time
    discussing about wether the team is good or who should re-roll or trade and then the time runs out
    and we end up with gods we wanted to trade.

    Maybe it's designed to be this way but it can be really frustrating some times.

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    you might want to get faster at those talks then

    as soon as you see the team, if you can't play the god, or consider a reroll ask if anyone wants your god and give it 10s. if no one answers then either trade with a friend or reroll

    i try not to reroll unless the team is too unbalanced or im not familiar with the god, as rerolls can often screw you over.
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