So, right now, we have a slew of relics and their upgrade available.

However, I feel that only some of them are actually notable, either in their base form or their upgrade.

Beads/Aegis are staple and their upgrades feel fine as reduction in CD on these very important and powerful relics is nice and can be worth investing in early.

Teleport Glyph
is also fine. It useful for what it gets picked up for and the upgrade provides some utility after the laning phase.

Horrific Emblem
is also fine. Both effects are useful and can be a nice swing in a fight.

Shield of Thorns
is again, useful for what it needed for and the upgrade further punishes the target of the relic.

Heavenly Wings (Sprint)
is also fine, even post nerf it is still useful and has a still very potent upgrade.

Magic Shell
is okay. It's upgrade is a little niche in that it only targets basic attacks but it still all works towards making your team live more longer temporarily.

Finally, Cursed Ankh is the last of the relics I feel are fine. Both the base and upgrade feel impactful in the situations where you want to use it.

Now, the remaining 6 Relics, I feel have issues. Some with just their upgrades and some with their base forms. So my thoughts and suggestions on them are as follows:

Belt of Frenzy - I feel that this relic is too difficult to justify. Pure offense in your relic is generally a "Win-More" style of gameplay if it doesn't open up any additional utility (Blink at least lets you initiate)

So my suggestion is the following:

Base Relic: Now is 10% increased damage and 20% of damage you deal is returned to you as life. 5 second duration.

Now lasts 8 seconds and also provides 15% more damage to structures and objectives.

It now provides some sustain, making it easier to justify over a pure defensive relic choice.
Also, it now uses universally useful stats instead of the current 15% Attack Speed which is useless to ability based gods and 10 flat pen which can be rendered less effective by certain builds (Especially ones that build anti-heal for additional flat pen)

Blink Rune
- The base version of this relic is fine. However, it's the upgrade that just feels lacklustre. I buy Blink very often but the upgrade never seems appealing, it's basically just "Well I'm 6 slotted, got my 3k and 500g pots and my other relic is upgraded... May as well spend some of my 5k gold in hand on this upgrade". I also don't see other people upgrade it ever.

I think mostly because generally you blink in to initiate. Meaning you're trying to burst a target down or drop CC. Both outcomes means that you're not getting attacked by that target during the 2s that the upgrade actually is active...

Base Relic: As is currently.

After using this item, gain CC immunity for 1 second.

Now of course, the easiest way to make the upgrade feel worthwhile is to return the reduced CD effect.
However, I realise that it was removed because it was TOO popular. With literally everyone who got blink upgrading it asap. In addition, Relic Dagger would cause issues in combination with that.
Instead, an effect that is situationally useful. A brief period of CC immunity in order to prevent instant counter-CC. Mostly notable for the Assassins who blink in as the initiation Guardians tend to have CC immunity on their ultimate skills they use (But can still be used in non-ultimate follow-up situations).

Bracer of Undoing - This again, is a reasonable base relic, though hard to justify over Aegis which can prevent a lot of damage in the first place or Beads that can get you out of bad situations and chain CC that would prevent usage of BoU... However, it does have its applications (Notably for instant burst you can't pre-empt such as Loki or He Bo combos or for damage that comes after CC that prevents relics such as Nox combo)

Base Relic: Same as current.

Can now be used while under the effects of crowd control.

It puts a bit of a spin on the mechanics of the game, providing a secondary counter to CC chains. It also opens up options where it might be justifiable over Aegis by allowing you to mitigate various pieces of damage where you wouldn't be able to pop Aegis.
It still requires good timing in order to get the most out of it though, and well, you only return 40% of the damage you take so a good CC chain is still likely death.

Meditation Cloak - Yet another underwhelming upgrade... I honestly only ever see it in Assault games since 95% of the time everyone goes Meditation first relic (Outside certain gods getting Blink or the occasional Beads against Ares comps). It just doesn't feel impactful, especially given the usual usage of the relic (Often used outside of combat to avoid anti-heal)

Base Relic: Same as current.

Upgrade: Gain 14 (+2 per level) HP5 and 10 (+2 per level) MP5 for 30 seconds.

Reasoning: Make Meditation Cloak the ultimate sustain relic. Giving a portion of the sustain as the instant burst and a portion as a much slower regen effect. Could also help to mitigate the advantages of a sustain god on a team by allowing the opposing team to get a bit of sustain themselves at the cost of other utility relics.

̶O̶d̶i̶n̶'̶s̶ ̶R̶e̶l̶i̶c̶ Phantom Veil
- This is an interesting one, since the upgrade is nice, it's just the base version isn't worth taking except for countering literally one ability from a single god. Like, despite the relic also affecting Thor's wall and Cabrakan's ult as well as removing bodyblocks, the only reason anyone ever takes this relic is to counter Odin's cage.

Base Relic: Using this item allows you and allied gods within 35 units to pass through players and player made objects for 5s. Gain 15% damage reduction for the duration.

Upgrade: Duration is now 10 seconds. Also provides 40% crowd control reduction.

Moving the DR to the base relic, means that there's potential to pick this up even without an Odin (Or wall in general) in the game and against the aforementioned non-Odin walls it further entices the pick (Random Question... Can this relic let you walk inside of Da Ji's paolao?).
For the upgrade, it now becomes a more significant teamfight relic with the extra duration (Also note, that I'm suggesting the DR also lasts the full 10 seconds compared to the current where the DR only lasts 5s despite the 10s duration of the relic, which should also enhance readability of knowing "Ghosty Dudes = Tanky Dudes") as well as providing CCR cap which can further incentivise pickup of this relic against heavy CC comps (But also note that this relic DOES have an incredibly long CD)

Sundering Spear - This relic is just garbage at base. Literally the worst relic in the game base. 140s CD for 15% of CURRENT health (As true damage, sure) on a skillshot (The only skillshot relic too...)... Bearing in mind that most burst combos are initiated with skills that deal damage while repositioning, mitigating the effectiveness of the relic... That said, I DO like the upgraded version, I always did like using Sunder for bonus damage output even before the "Sunder Meta" we had when people were using the previous version instead of Aegis and then dying to burst damage because they didn't have Aegis then crying about it on the forums until it got turned into this turd.

Base Relic: The current upgrade. The damage portion still sucks but Sunder is all about that increased damage.

Upgrade: Now lasts 10 seconds. 30% of damage against the target becomes True Damage.

Base version now does what Sunder is supposed to do, make a guy dead. Upgrade now ensures you have the tools to make a guy more dead, with 30% of damage ignoring prots you can now target tank or squishy and make them dead (Bearing in mind, this is always competing with Frenzy, another relic that can boost damage that neither cares if your team focus fires on one target, nor requires you to land a skillshot in order to utilize). A side note is that you do technically lose lifesteal on 30% of your damage with this upgrade...

Let me know what you think, if you have alternative suggestions for upgrades, or how you pick one of the shitty relics all the time and hard carry your scrub tier games...