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Thread: Unfair use of the report system

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    Exclamation Unfair use of the report system

    i was in a conquest match, when someone had already called the role, the guy who asked first could not think of anything better than also seal a murderer, neza, and play in the jungle fighting the buffos with the other fool, the result? a fucking game of 27 minutes with the two delayed 1-8, a game without magic picks and cherry on the cake of shit already done, step to play and I go afk because that game was lost, all lines had lost and they took out 13K of gold, at that moment I read the legendary phrase of every smite player, "have you never heard of comebacks?" yes, sure, a comeback without magic picks with 13K of gold against and with 2 guys totally out of the game, since I suggested the surrender and I went afk all my team reported me and now I have a notification that if I am still Reported I can ban, explain me hirez or smite players, is supposed to be in these games of shit pretend that I have fun and play until my team is out of the eggs surrender or the enemy comes to finish? Well, you know what? better baneame, that they give you for ass fucking game and hopefully a famous magazine will investigate about this game and undiera in the pool of shit they are creating.

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    Note that a single instance will not get you banned. Even if there are 4 reports to a single instance, it's still a single 'offense'. Hirez appears to have a tolerance based on frequency. I have had 9-10 reports against me, but I've been playing for 3 years give or take. That's a report every 7 months, to average out. Everyone has bad matches, and everyone gets tilted. Hirez takes that into consideration with this approach. I have never so much as gotten a mute or a temp ban over this.

    On the side of afking, I personally would report for that, even given the situation. Personally, I play for fun, and have had matches where f7 warriors keep you 'hostage'. Even then, I slog through it, because as much misery as a behind match is, it's even worse for a 4v5 behind. I have had comebacks off of extreme situations oddly, and while exhausting mentally, it does feel good to win those. Do i always want to pool play those through? No, but my respect for fellow players simply knows that abandoning afk is a far worse situation to deal with, because even when you get ahead somehow, you are ALWAYS at a disadvantage.

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