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Thread: I cant still play this game!

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    Lightbulb I still cant play this game!

    Hi, I'm from the latam servers and in the latam forum i never get reply. i just want play smite like a NA player! without lag. every match i play is never under 200 ping! it's so disgusting.
    This problem has been going on for a while, and it's not my internet. luckily I have a good connection.
    all I want is an answer from HiRez! Thx and regards
    Sorry if this is not a good english
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    they aren't going to answer, but the reason you lag is because they are connecting you to servers farther away rather than local ones, and the reason for that is usually "lack of players" in your area, in the queue, at that time.

    in the US west to east coast is 100-130 ms. Foreign servers are 200+ if they have to go over an ocean or otherwise somehow not directly connected over land.

    In general it doesnt matter how good your connection is for games, what matters is stability (packets making it to their intended destinations) and distance (time it takes to get there). Games don't actually use a lot of bandwidth and they have abysmal tolerance for dropped packets/interrupted connections and also very sensitive to distance (time for round trip connections).

    You're probably looking at about a half second delay at 250ms for a round trip for every action or update. Thats not fun to play in. Thats pretty close to dialup gaming - except there are WAY more LPB's now.

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