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Thread: Hercules needs re-working

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    Hercules needs re-working

    Hi, I am a regular player of yours on smite and I love the game, now I can deal with most of the broken characters you have because they usually have a counter you can do, one character though no matter how many times I go against him their is no counter, and the reason you don't see this character played alot in the pro leagues or in ranked is because no one wants to play an overly broken chatacter, this character is Hercules, no matter who goes up against him you need all 5 members to go up against him, all having healing reduction, I've seen Hercules characters build straight damage and still take the damage of 4 people and live his alt does over a thousand damage because of the ridiculous amount it does for base damage, his dash and slam when put together which is his main combo do over 600 damage at the base level, and his ridiculous healing and protections he gains makes the character not have to even bother with armours and protections it's getting overly ridiculous and honestly that character would be a reason I would quite smite, cause players in the normal versus matches who play him know how broken he is, he's even worse then Loki and baron samedi at the moment and the reason I say he's worse then baron samedi is because baron samedi is new and is getting ready worked in the next patch while Hercules has been broken for at least a year and more, and another recent thing that he managed to pull of was knock Achilles back while in a cc immune alt, I have the video of it happening if you want me to give it to you

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    No, the reason why he's not played on high levels is that antiheal f***s him over sideways.

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    Step 1: get anti-heals
    Step 2: don't go glass cannon
    Step 3: learn to bait the pull
    Step 4: that's it you're fucking done
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    Show us the video.
    And srry but I'm not reading a chunk of text, so I'm just going to assume ur saying herc needs a rework because he's "too op", and you prob didn't think about buying antiheal and focusing him if he went all damage.

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