Ok so first, i'll say hi.
So yeah few months ago my computer was broken so needed to get a new one. I was playing Smite but stopped since my computer was broken, now I wanna play again BUT : Here were my issues and some that aren't fixed yet.
So first I needed to know what was my Hi rez account, I found it by using my email ( now I know what my name and passsword is )
Then I downloaded the game, played it and when I was on it, it told me to create another character ! But the porblem is I was 100% sure that I was using this account since it's the only email adress i'm using for games. My old character name on the game was Froide, my new one is LordOsirion. I really want my account back since I bought the hero pack ( which cost about 20-30 $ ).

So is there a way to know which account I was using to play on Froide? Or do I need to say private informations maybe to get it back? Was it deleted ? Please answer mods / admins

tho sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language.

Alright Hope I can get help from the mods / admins ect...
have a nice day --LordOsirion ( AKA Froide )