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Thread: Midgard's Mail And What It Means to Be A Counter Item

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    Midgard's Mail And What It Means to Be A Counter Item
    It seems to be stupid or at least lazy, but the video explains everything about Midgard Mail. In a nutshell, it talks how much easy it is to stack its passive(just 3 hits) and how much it hurts meele assassins and warriors, showing they're not being picked in ranked anymore at all and explaining why. What I want to do is to give an advice: changing its passive to adapt to the received damage, dilute its debuffs(giving 5% AS and MS debuff and stacking until 50%, during 10s, and yes, I know it sounds brutal, but it's even more brutal to take 10 clean hits from a hunter, even for a guardian). Anyway, the best idea is to counter Executor and its debuffs - because it's common and it's the strongest item, so Midgard's Mail should works as 20% change of slowing enemies in 33%, but it scales / applied per stack if their suffer debuffs or a high amount of damage after mitigation up to 40%.

    And yes, it is complicated to apply and to use, but that's what the game created! A counter item means to help players who are struggling because of a great problem the game created by itself and only so - it is not about destroying already underperformed gods, but helping against the problem Executor, high amounts of Crits is.

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    Making it percentage chance to proc again would put it back into the trash where it never gets bought, ever.

    Midguardian Mail is strong. But then again, it kind of has to be in order to see use. Especially since it's competing with Breastplate of Valour (20% CDR is really useful), Hide of the Nemean Lion (25% reflect damage also hurts AA Assassins/Warriors as they don't build lifesteal as often as Hunters)

    Also, I'd like to point out that in that same video when comparing pick and ban rate, the number 3, 4 and 5 highest pick rate gods are... Cu Chulainn, Ravana and Nemesis... 2 Warriors and a very much AA based Assassin...

    What's hurting the gods named at the beginning of the video (Arachne, Awilix, Bakasura, Bellona, Erlang Shen, Kali and Osiris) are a number of factors that are devoid from specifically Midguardian's Mail:

    Bellona, Erlang Shen and Osiris are just not so good at laning anymore without Death's Toll and its incredible sustain it provided for them (Warrior's Blessing and its 1 proc of 40 health/mana per 10 seconds doesn't compare to DT's 8 health 4 mana PER basic attack (With 4 health and 2 mana on cleaved hits after its nerf)). Throw in the fact that most solo laners want to go Breastplate of Valor early because of its nice MP5 (Making Blue Buff not as vital) and 20% CDR and there isn't such a good mag prot item that is comparable to BoV...

    Arachne, Bakasura and Kali have for a long time been considered bad. Mostly because Baka and Kali tend to come online to slow for fast metas while Arachne... I actually don't recall why people called her bad because everyone thought she was an early game powerhouse (I personally saw her/see her as a late game hypercarry like Baka and Kali as with a few items online she can tear through teams with ease)

    Awilix is feeling the effects of her nerf to her Featherstep's damage. Like, it stopped her being played when it happened. Now it's still impacting her playtime (Even with new itemization helping her. Like, Crusher is really good on her. As is Transcendence. Also, the larger Conq map means her higher movement speed with her 1 is stronger...)

    It's also worth noting, that none of these characters really should be attacking tanky targets... They should be smacking the squishies in the backline whom won't be buying MM...

    As far as even making Midguardian Mail even just take more stacks to reach full power, the issue still comes down to the primary target for such an item, Hunters, probably won't need much more than 3 shots to kill you anyway, thanks to crit being so powerful.

    So yeah, if you want to bring more Warriors back, specifically AA focused ones... Just give a new blessing that helps them get an advantage. Like turn Defender's Blessing into "Death's Toll Blessing" or something (Since I don't think anyone actually picks Defender's... I've only seen tanky players get Guardian's or Warrior's)
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    Arachne is niche. That is what makes her bad. She fits into that "needing the right team comps to be good" category, which is rather small.
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    30 % might sound like a lot but witchblade has the same in AoE but at 20%. This also needs to ramp up to get to 30%. It is strong yes but I think its fine still. Maybe just maybe change it to 8% per stack but I don't know, it is still apply on hit not a straight up debuff like witch.
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