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Thread: Respawn timer in Arena

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    Respawn timer in Arena

    It just doesn't make sense. Barely two minutes in, lv8-10, we kill a few of the enemy, they respawn in a few seconds. Then my team gets wiped, and we all have a respawn timer of 25s. What de f*ck? They could freely push two full minion waves because of that. And in the rest of the ENTIRE match, NOT ONCE did ANY enemy have a respawn timer of 20s.

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    Now note I am in no way 100% sure about the following information, so bare that in mind.

    As far as I know there are two things that factor into your "Death Timer", and those are; Match Time and Kill Count.

    As the match progresses the Death Timer will naturally go up (this is often why after about 30 min into a match you will see timers of 45+ sec).
    When you are getting a bunch of kills and then die, you will take longer to respawn. This is to balance out the fact that you likely have a decent amount of gold to buy items and then come back even stronger.

    Arena is a weird gray area for this stuff and shouldn't be taken seriously, as matches range from 10-20 minutes, so usually the highest you might see a Death Timer go is around 30 seconds give or take.
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    Arena dt are determined by lead potential. The farther ahead you are, the longer your times will be. This allows a team off a fight behind to try and regain ground with a few waves in the portal.

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