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Thread: Can/does Hirez IP ban speed/lag hackers?

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    Can/does Hirez IP ban speed/lag hackers?


    /replay 409553241


    /replay 409554527

    in Smite's chat box to witness the cheating.

    I spectated two of their matches after I played them to make sure and to be able to share the replay

    They played neith in the first game, and artemis the second one. Speed hacking all over the map at high speed.

    This person smurfs (clearly creates constant dummy accounts over and over to cheat because they likely get banned over and over). People like this make this game cancerous to new players.

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    heh. Cheaters are like cockroaches.

    If you see one...

    They always exist in online games. The only thing that matters is how many of them, and that is affected by the developers vigilance against them. You want people to question their existence rather than confirm it, so you want to make sure their numbers are thinned out.

    I think I might be noticing is that people might be speeding up attack cycles in the middle of fights. Abilities that activate a little faster, ignore global cooldowns, and cool down a little sooner... stuff that is really hard to detect "on the fly", especially in the middle of a fight. Probably wall hacks too, thats always a favorite.

    Besides that... I have visually confirmed speed hackers. As in they are moving faster than the server actually knows they shoudl be moving. Why isn't this instantly detected hi-rez?

    Pretty sure they don't seem to understand that allowing cheaters to break their rules then ends up devaluing their product if the players start seeing it.

    Ask blizzard about their little cost-benefit analysis about cheaters. They consider it a direct attack against the value of the product... thing that they created undermined by parasites. They "fixed" it. Now the value of their games are through the roof. Do you think they got a return on investment for their warden? It's been in development since Warcraft3. They seem to keep it up, so I am thinking they did. They even had to use it for WoW.

    Do you think counterstrike would still be happening without VAC? Nope. Steam doesn't even make games anymore but that VAC is still updated and CS is massive for an old ass FPS. What is it? 20 years now? How long did your tribes last again? I tried to play that but you had even less protection on that game than you do for this game.

    Fix your world(s), hi-rez, or you'll get your wish and it will die. Then watch them haunt your next game, and the one after that.

    You don't have to stop all cheating, you have to make it so that a player doesn't interact with cheaters so often that they think your game has been undermined. You want them to think it was lag, or a fluke, or just a good player and then forget about it, and you need to thin the cheaters out for that to happen because you can't have repeated interactions side by side, you want them spread out as far as possible.

    You have to knock out all the shitty cheaters. The obvious ones. THe cockroaches need to not be seen even if they exist or you'll lose value from your product as people lose faith.

    Blizzard has "free games" too and they are protected. Its possible.

    and again... its not about catching 100%, its about elimination of the perception of their existence from the player base and establishing a threat to any would be cheaters. If a player can *SEE* the cheaters then you've fucked up. Your server can see them easier and sooner, it should be dealing with it already, and if it is already, then it needs to be doing it quicker.

    ... imo

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