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Thread: In-Game Patch Notes Tab

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    In-Game Patch Notes Tab

    I feel as though it would be real nice (certainly for someone like me that sometimes ends up popping out of the game for long periods at a time) for there to just be a patch notes tab inside the game.

    I usually go to the website and quickly skim over the details anyway, but I think it would be cool to have a tab that just lists it all out as if you were looking at the gods tab:

    All gods(/items/etc) with balance changes would be displayed (in the traditional box format) and when you click on them it just shows the old/new abilities/stats on the left>right

    And you can just scroll between each change

    Just feel like it would be nice to have it displayed in the same format as you view the god stats as they normally are, so that you can instantly view the changes instead of having to go through the list elsewhere.

    Just putting it out there

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    (I'm from LATAM, so my english isn't nice)


    I agree with you, since i play smite (2014) i though that's necessary an in-game patchs notes display. This could be very useful for new players and pro gamers who're always thinking in the changes & new metas.

    I support your idea.


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