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Thread: This community made me fail a match on purpose

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    Exclamation This community made me fail a match on purpose

    So I decided to get in Conquest(Normal mode) and play jungle. Got the jungle call first and this guy was like ''Can I please play jungle?''
    I asked him if he was good at it, and he said that he is pretty good. So I, even though I never get lucky with jungle call, gave him the jungle. That was my bigggest mistake. I took Sobek support with a crappy Artemis who intentionally fed. He picks Thanatos(beginner Jungler 101), does extremely well alongside this Ra, who he kept ganking all the time, no help for us at duo lane(not to mention my Artemis was an idiot who did not listen when I said that he went to the wrong lane(solo lane)). I was doing good and Artemis never followed up. Had the score of a good support(imo), which was less kills, more assists, like 8 deaths the whole game.
    This Thanatos and Ra were extremely rude. I thought it was a joke at first, but they really were harrassing me. Not Artemis(who genuinely didn't even try even when I gave her the possible kill on a silver if not gold platter), but me, the guy who did so many good tosses that got them many kills. I had over 20 assists, which implied that I was doing what I was supposed to. Good ults, good tosses, all was well. But this Thanatos and Ra were harrassing me about how I had a shit score compared to theirs(Ra was like 8/1 and Thanatos 30/3). I told them that my score was that of a support and that I really am not meant for damage dealing. They kept trolling. So I thought to myself ''Fuck it, I am going to go solo lane and just push and not help them.''
    I did this intentionally so they would have a harder time winning. We lost in the end. I do not feel guilty or bad for failing the whole match for us when we had the upper hand. I wanted them to lose because I hate when assholes win. No one from that team was good enough and nice enough to be worthy of a win, neither was I because I let their hate get to me for that moment and do what I did.
    Of course, they tried roasting me, and I roasted back, and in the end said ''Ain't it funny how you started losing when I stopped helping.''
    They were stubborn as hell.
    This is why I hate being Guardian. People think that Guardian does huge damage, but fail to realise that it not the case.
    I reported them for harrassment because they were horrible teammates.

    NOTE 1: I wasn't really offended by their words per say, I was just pissed that they were not grateful that I gave the good jungler his role(I could have easily still picked jungle, it was my call after all) and also not grateful that I helped with the tosses and whiplashes(which guaranteed Ra and Thanatos about 50% of their kills). I admit, it was my mistake for trusting the guy with jungler role, should have just picked Jungler and made him salty about that and watch him as he feeds out of spite.

    NOTE 2: I do not condone failing the team if the team is genuinely nice and good, but I do condone punishing if it is full of assholes and feeders who are there for the free win.

    NOTE 3: This is the first time I have ever done this, this is not what I do on a daily basis for fun. When I do it, it's out of pure principle.

    NOTE 4: Please take my report seriously, they are people I pray to the Gods that nobody matches up with. Unless you keep your mouth shut. The whole thing started with Artemis saying that there is no Jungler helping our lane. I doubled down even though I hated the Artemis, I was just curious why their team had a constant Jungler that ganked the lane of the carry and ours didn't. And that is when it started. I even reminded the dude twice that he would have done bad had I taken jungler instead of him.

    NOTE 5: Does the community get worse the higher the level you get or was I just unlucky?

    NOTE 6: Can you(to some extent at least) justify what I did? Again, I never do that, neither do I intentionally feed. This game I didn't feed either, I just didn't go help for the last push and they got creamed. I know they reported me too because they are too prideful to see the wrong in what they did, but whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxsicko View Post

    NOTE 5: Does the community get worse the higher the level you get or was I just unlucky?
    I didn't read your post it was to long but I saw this. And mid range MMR is the worst where players think they are better then they really are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockerBaby View Post
    I didn't read your post it was to long but I saw this. And mid range MMR is the worst where players think they are better then they really are.
    i'm pretty sure this is accurate regardless of where you are in ranked. players will always "think" they are better than they are. very rarely are they correct.
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    I sent multiples screenshot to Hi-Rez in tickets to defend myself with proofs and players telling me i should get Raped in an Uber, or that i'm a cunt or a terrible player even when i'm 15-0... And other stuff like that, they just told me i should report them with the in-game button.

    Then i got a tornado in my region and i lost electricity while in-game. So when i come back we are loosing and i try to save the game but don't work. All my team insults me and threaten to report me.

    Another game i get report for Ksing a noob who trolls all game.

    And after all that, next thing i know, i'm banned for 30 days. Without any specific reasons. I got kicked of the game while i played Baron in Assault, and when i logged on again, i was banned for 719 hours (LOLOLOLOL)

    So yea, don't worry, Smite is a cancer game and i'm done with it.

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