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Thread: General Advice for Bruiser Guardians

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    ehhh my idea of bruser is 1 maybe 2 dmg items. atm I favor the triple aura build for guardians. thebes, sov, amulet/pest. cdr boots almost everytime. bruiser id throw in reaver n a chrono pendant. but I don't usually build those I go full tank with counter build, midgardian, spectral, winged, witchblade, pestilence, hide of nemean. lately ive been finding emporers armor really nice in that 2nd phys prot slot instead of BPoV. khepri, ymir, athena, n fafnir are my current go to supports. ganesha is good but I dont/can't play him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicWinnar View Post
    By Bruiser Guardians, I mean the ones that are primarily based around dealing damage, such as Ares, Xing Tian and (arguably) Ymir, specifically when it comes to Conquest, because I've primarily only really played Arena.

    What are some general tips you'd like to share for general laning, whether it be in Solo or Duo lane?
    1. Some items always shine in my opinion: Void Stone, Spear of Magus on Ares chains (the ticks proc the pen, but not really an early lane item unless you get way ahead fast), and I am a big fan of Winged Blade if you expect alot of early cc.
    2. I prioritize Health over protections, there are so many protection-shredding options for enemies to counterbuild.
    3. WIth ares I get a few points in chains and in flames early. His 2 is great but your base health, prots, starter item, and likely items like Void Stone or even Pest/Heartward or Sov have prots. Unless CCR is a major need I slack on his #2 until a few levels of chains. I leave his ult to last, the pull is great when u can use it but the damage itself isn't going to win a lane at all. Don't ignore the power of chains for lane clear.
    4. Also w. Ares, a little pen goes a LONG way in early and mid game. If you get way ahead consider Pyth - the sustain is lovely on lanes but usually by mid-game this item is less valuable than something to counterbuild your lane adversary.

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