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Thread: Assault. Don't attack the tanks.

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    Assault. Don't attack the tanks.

    So, I know the chances of any of you actually playing with me will be nil. But if you could spread the word, that would be great.

    You don't focus the tanks in assault.

    That is all.

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    Or you know, you could hit whoever's in range at any given time. Especially if they don't have a healer.
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    Hm, if their tanks go in I keep my distance and poke em and try and kill them.

    Not always easy going through the tanks into the backline and then make it back alive. I mean if you go for the backline and you have the same range you will be getting focused from their backline and their front and then you die. Also getting rid of potential auras is nice.

    Other modes is different as you can actually go around the tanks but in assault you need to go through them and that ain't always easy depending on Gods involved.

    Safer just kill the target that comes close and it is usually the tank. If its later in the game around phoenix and titan then sure kill dps first. Or if they clump like muppets sure kill the dps.

    If the fight gets spread out with 2 tanks diving your back and your front diving their back, I think its always good to turn around after a while and deal with their front harassing your back. If they are separated its easy kill and you get rid of auras and whatnot in the process. If your tanks are still alive cleaning up their dps once the tanks are gone is usually not that hard.

    Exception being healers, you can dive for them and if you die for it, it can still be worth. There are some other targets that are high risk and top pick in assault that can be worth yoloing for, like AMC (bur risky as he is fast) and thoth, zeus. Basicly the ones that have long range hard pokes they are good to remove.
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    You don't focus the tanks.


    There's no reason to hit a tank in any game mode. They build full tank? Well now they're not a threat outside of a bit of CC but if they have gone aura build they have little to no CDR so that's 1 round of abilities per half a millennium (Or about 15-20 seconds). They build selfish CDR tank? They're annoying but still not a major threat outside of ult.

    Meanwhile, it's always the squishies behind them that's important to take out. Since, that's the major damage.

    Ironically, Assault is the place it's most worth hitting the tanks. Mostly because a large portion of the time, they'll be the only target in a viable range because of tower hugging. That, plus the lack of sustain from backing to base means each hit is quite important since relying on just Sov's HP5 will leave you standing around for hours...

    So what ends up happening is poking out the tanks will get Meditation CD's out to try and get them back up (So no in combat burst heals to save a carry or something) and then they have to re-engage later or counterengage at lower health, making them easier to take out (Or just making them play safer and not be able to peel/frontline as well so their squishies are easier to attack)
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    Agree don't waste your abilities and mana on tanks. But poking and baiting them away from others on their team ... different story. I am sure by 'focus' you are saying don't willingly try to kill them and waste attacks and again, I agree.

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