So i used to play on pc when smite came out (in june 2012), got pretty darn good at the game was very serious about it (got to Masters).... then i got sick. I spent forever in and out of the hospital and was unable to play even when i was released my health went back and forth over and over by the time i was better (October 2017) I had given up on smite since i had missed several events, (rip no Gryffindorf and so many other limited skins -.-) anyways i got back in to smite on the ps4 when my 14yo son saw it in the psn store and i told him i used to play it, thats when he asked me "Dad whats that game it looks fun do you think i could play it?" (he is high functioning autistic so he has to ask on some things to see if its a game he can actually handle playing) remembering the player base i decided to give it another go and saw that things were even more toxic on PS4 than it was on PC. So i decided to make a clan with my wife and son in order to teach them and eventually get access to a clan store. Now we have some other people join, some newer and some older players like me. If a clan that helps newbies learn the basics as well as some more advanced stuff (such as Counter Picking, Itemization, helpful combos and tips about what champs interact with what items/ other champs, and understanding rotations and the jungle) then were the clan for you. All I ask in the clan is that you keep any anger/ toxicity directed at the other team and if a clan mate is not doing well or having a hard time in a game offer advice for them to get better and improve, instead of the ever helpful "You Rock" "Cancel That". anyways if this sounds like something you would be interested in just drop me a message on psn XseppukuX or reply good luck and kick some butt ^_^