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Thread: ranking problems

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    ranking problems

    This game is the biggest let down. Currently ranked silver 4, down from gold 2 last season. And diamond the season before that. But let's get to it. First I wish I knew how to post pictures.
    but I as previously stated am in silver 4. Now with that I'm completely destroying this game. Every game matter of fact. But some how get paired with the biggest idiots every time. How can I go 20k player damg above anyone else in the match 20k minion damage above, 4k structure damage above, 100 gold above anyone else and still get the loss. I completely wreck the competition, but it's impossible to win in 1v5 situations. When my team is off solo fire giant. Or doing a random camp when they taking towers. I mean how can I win. OK I get it not every game is like that but I win When that's the case. But about 3 out of 5 games this is what happens I'm tired of wrecking to move down. You call this competitve.
    I want an answer from hirez rep. Please give me one that's not a generic response like, oh your ranked is dependent on you skill level. When tho your elo has no representation on your rank. So don't give me that crap. I want an answer and I can post pictures of end game stats to prove and plenty of videos on my box to show what happens. All I'm saying is if I wreck their team I shouldn't go down because my 4 are completely useless. How does that reflect my skill level if I go 99-0 taking all 6 towers by myself and still losing because of team.

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    welcome to the depths of bronze boi
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