I'm writing this email on behalf of the Smite Tunisian Community on Facebook as its Admin and since everyone in our community demands from Hirez studios' team to add our National flag because it's a shame that some small countries have their flags in the game but our country it is not yet! it feels really embarrassing not to have our National flag yet in the game. I know that we are here to play but we are here to feel proud of who we are, especially that Tunisia is a small country in terms of Geography but a great country in terms of History. added to that, the Tunisian football team is participating in the World Cup and it's really shameful that a lot of those participating countries in the World Cup of 2018 in Russia do not have their flags yet in the game like Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and many others.
I suggest adding them as soon as possible, knowing that our community members submitted tickets before and we received no concrete promises only talks and delaying this, while in fact, it's nothing , we are not asking to create a skin , you are gonna just add an avatar flag of the Tunisian flag and I hope you add all the countries flag to be fair for everyone.
Please, we want actions( because we submitted tickets and we sent emails before and nothing happened just fake promises, it's been years now and we keep on sending emails and submitting tickets for the same purpose) , not talks! thank you very much.