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Thread: about 《Life and Death | 5.11 PC Update Notes》

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    about 《Life and Death | 5.11 PC Update Notes》

    我是一位热爱smite的中国游戏玩家,千 辛万苦的找到了这个论坛,我不太会 语,抱歉。 我希望官方能够看见我的帖子,谢谢
    今天登陆游戏,发现更新了一些新内 ,开心的进入游戏体验了起来,由于 了四年的smite,进入游戏后,察觉到 细微的改动,也是让我致命的改动。 我发现鼠标不会像以前那样了,以前打开商店,战绩版面,镜头 会跟随鼠标移动,现在不会了,而是鼠标动,画面不动了,当你关闭商店或者战绩版面的话,就会自 的停顿一下,例如,你的神明是在中间的时候,你在打BUFF的时候打开了战绩版,查看敌 的时候,鼠标如果移动到了左右方,然后关闭战绩 面的话,就会停顿,而且你本来在中间位置的鼠标,不会像曾经没有更新的那样在中间,而是在你鼠标最后移动的位置,并且会停顿视觉移 。让玩家完全失去了看战绩版面的时 候灵活移动了,和在商店购买东西时 动了。 我希望能够提供两种选择.一种是更新 的鼠标操作和现在的, 我希望官方能够看见我的帖子,谢谢
    I am a Chinese game player who loves smite. I found this forum very hard. I am not very good at English, sorry. I hope that the official will see my post, thank you.
    Today, we landed on the game, found some new content, happy to enter the game experience, because of four years of playing smite, after entering the game, aware of the subtle changes, but also let me fatal changes. I found that the mouse will not be like the previous way, before opening the store, the record page will follow the mouse movement, but now it will not, but the mouse, the picture does not move, when you close the store or the record page, you will naturally pause, for example, when your God is in the middle, you are playing BUFF When you open the record, when you look at the enemy, if you move to the left and right side of the mouse, then turn off the record and stop, and the mouse in the middle is not in the middle, but in the last move of your mouse, and it will stop the visual movement. . It allows players to lose track of the battle page completely and move flexibly when shopping. I hope to provide two options. One is the update of the mouse operation and now, I hope the official can see my post, thank you

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    Um, OK?
    FYI this is item feedback usually for item discussion.

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