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Thread: New God idea : The Fates, Godesses of Destiny (Greek pantheon)

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    New God idea : The Fates, Godesses of Destiny (Greek pantheon)

    Here I am, starting to play Smite again after 2 years, and last night (after an evening full of Conquest), trying to get to sleep, I think about this god concept.

    You might know The Fates from watching Disney's Hercules or from playing God of War II. They are Clotho, Lakhesis and Atropos - also known as the Spinner (of the weaves of fate), the Allotter (giver of sentences) and the Unturnable/Unavoidable (giver of death). Personnally, I just love this lore.

    Here's my concept idea. Each skills from 1 to 3 make you shift to one of three forms. Hitting the number key of the form you're in allows you to use a skill. Using the depiction of the Fates from Disney's Hercules, in which they all have empty eye sockets and pass around one single eye, I came up with "eye ability" skills. Also, I'm thinking this god as a tanky-utility mage like Hades and Cerberus, but I think it could also handle the mid lane well.

    Passive ability : Each of the Fates' forms give them different buffs.
    Clotho : protections (or damage mitigation/reduction) buff.
    Lakhesis : magical power buff.
    Atropos : movement and attack speed buff.

    1. Clotho (the fat Fate)

    Basic attack : a small breath cone that sucks the life out of enemies, dealing Damage Over Time and healing back the god. The width would be just enough to damage a pack of three minions, so it would only be able to hit multiple gods if they are bunched up real close together. (I know this would be the first god to have that kind of basic attack, but eh, Izanami got piercing attacks, so why not? Of course, the damage wouldn't be as much as Cerberus' breath, it would match the average basic attack DPS.)

    Ability : Eye Lob. Clotho throws a huge eyeball in the air that explodes upon hitting the ground and releases a gooey, splashing shockwave. Enemies in the radius are damaged, enemy gods are knocked back, Clotho gets pushed in the direction she's travelling, and enemies in the dead center are slowed. (Can be used defensively AND offensively.)

    2. Lakhesis (the bulky Fate)

    Basic attack : a projectile AoE attack (radius equal to a 3-minion pack).

    Ability : Eye Link. Similar to Aphrodite's link with an ally, this link puts an enemy god in an eye bubble linked to the Fate. The linked god takes a percentage of the damage they inflict on any target (minions, gods, structures, objectives) plus magical damage based on Lakhesis magical power. The link breaks if the target gets far enough, or if the Fate switches form. (Basically, if the enemy god deals physical damage, he takes reflected physical damage. This would make things interesting in the solo lane : the opposing god wouldn't simply have to build magical defense against Lakhesis, because his own damage type would hurt him too. This ability would also be very useful in team fights, making hunters, assassins and mages want to break the link before nuking the Fate's team.)

    3. Atropos (the tiny Fate)

    Basic attack : a single target projectile attack.

    Ability : Eye Reveal. Atropos shoots an eerie eye that deals linear, narrow AoE damage, damaging all enemies in its path and exploding in a small circular radius. Enemies hit by the radius explosion have their position revealed on the mini-map for some duration. (This would be great to punish the jungler that gank her, or to pursue a fleeing enemy.)

    4. Ultimate ability : Cut The Thread.

    Clotho, Lakhesis and Atropos are stacked one on the other. Clotho, at the bottom, starts spinning the weaving loom; Lakhesis, in the middle, shoots threads at the enemies; and Atropos, on top, cuts the threads. Now I'm a bit split about how this ultimate should work, so here are two ideas.

    4.1 My first idea was for this skill to deal damage based on the targets maximum life, something like 20/25/30/35/40% per thread (magical defense would mitigate the damage of course). I thought it could shoot three threads that might latch on the same target more than once (skill shot, kind of like Ares' chains), but 120% life is way too much. So maybe just deal a percentage of max life that can't be mitigated, plus magical damage that can be mitigated. OR 20/25/30/35/40% per thread, but every subsequent thread would only deal magical damage. Basically, the first idea is pure damage.

    4.2 Another idea would be to make it an AoE ultimate that shoots a thread at every god in the radius. Could be pure damage, or could give it a Crowd Control effect as well. (I thought of having Clotho spin once the threads have been shot to bring the enemy gods to her, but that would make it so similar to Ares' and Da Ji's ultimates.)

    4.3 You could also use any mechanical component of the first two ideas, but instead of pure damage or crowd control, the gods hit could lose protections along with taking damage. Since the god is already thought to be kind of an utility mage, this would be extremely helpful in team fights.

    That's it. I'd love to have constructive comments about this god idea. (No need to hate, I won't even care.) I just wish the developers could read this eventually ^^

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    I do want a god like “wretched hag” from

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