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Thread: Quest Issue

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    Quest Issue


    Newb here to Smite

    I've been trying to complete the Complete a Co-op Match quest for the discount ticket on the Legendary God Bundle.

    So I decided to buy Gems to buy the Bundle and use the Coupon to reduce the price. But later I noticed the Quest isn't working properly and decided to write a Support Ticket after 10 Days now I still haven't recieved an answer.
    Now the Bundle is gone and I've bought the Gems already is there any way to still receive it?

    I really was enjoying the Game a lot but being unable to buy the Bundle literally ruined it for me since I won't be able to play more than a few Gods.

    I don't care about the other stuff included inside the Bundle.

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    Had the same issue, and submitted a ticket about the co op quest/coupon reward thing. It's a known bug (has been for quite some time), and ironically doesn't complete until you actually BUY the god pack. As far as the god pack, that's still a thing, its just not the 'legendary' one anymore (no loki skin/voice pack/extra chests and w/e). The god pack, iirc, isn't purchased with gems, its a direct cash transaction.

    Can buy it via web page there if all else fails.

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