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Thread: God Stereotypes

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    Question God Stereotypes

    *PLEASE NOTE* Don't take this seriously, this is for fun, not everyone will fall into a Stereotype listed here, it's just for s***s and giggles, I did this with the Paladins community twice, and they liked it, lets see if SMITE players feel the same! Also lastly, not all of us will see the same Stereotype, so share yours in the comments!

    Also I'm aware Duke Sloth has done this, but I haven't watched those videos, plus they're out of date since some gods have been added since them.

    Plus there is a LOT of text, so for those who want to see a specific god, use CTRL+F to search a certain god!

    Anyhow! To the actual thread.

    So whenever someone picks a God or mains one, they often fall into a Stereotype, and it's actually shocking how many people do the exact same thing as each other, it's kinda funny honestly.
    Some stereotypes depend on the build, skins, or what the person does, however from what I've seen, each God has at least 1 Stereotype, with the maximum of 2 each.

    So lets get started!


    This guy will cause your mages, assassins and hunters to be salty in chat after every death they get from Achilles, however Achilles players themselves are pretty chill, you can taunt to them, emote to them or jump, and they will do the same back.


    The king of "Don't underestimate me!" I mean wow, the amount of times someone tried to gank or 1v1 head on an Agni, to get completely destroyed is kinda shocking, also whenever you get stunned by his gas, no matter where they are, the enemy team will magically appear ontop of you, like seriously, I thought making portals was Janus's thing.

    Ah Muzen Cab

    It's nice how Ah Muzen Cab has 10 skins, but you only ever see one... and it won't stop spamming...

    Ah Puch

    You never see Ah Puch, but the SECOND, AND I MEAN THE SECOND, you pick a healer, the enemy team will have an Ah Puch, the amount of times I went Aphrodite, only to see this s*** eating grin of a goblin in my game, is disgustingly high.


    Amaterasu makes no sense to me, she starts doing tiny ticks of damage, then your whole health, like how? Well anyhow, besides that, she likes to laugh spam... and that's it really.


    Pure tryhard, often gets salty, will try to do the 2+Piller combo and will always miss, and if they die, it's not their fault, it's the game being unbalanced with bad matchmaking, no it's not your fault you tried to 1 v the whole team, you're perfect... you a**h**e.


    Usually a pub stomper, sometimes very salty, however this is Anubis the SECOND the enemy Titan is unprotected.

    Ao Kuang

    There're two types of Ao Kuang players, ones who does no damage and is a total joke, and the other is a mastermind of timing and aiming, these guys are scary, however no matter what, this is them when you escape their ultimate. Like seriously, it annoys them, I can't blame them though, turning into a giant dragon is the best thing about Ao Kuang.


    Always pocketing a tryhard warrior, is super salty whenever she dies, and maybe heals someone else like once a year. Also for some reason, she always thinks it's a good idea to use her 2 to stop people from attacking her lane when shes alone... she dies a second later.


    "I can 1v1 anyone!" - Apollo
    "No you can't!" - Teammate
    *An enemy has been slain!*
    "See I'm awesome!" - Apollo
    *An ally has been slain*
    "Where the f**k is my team?" - Apollo

    Besides doing that... too often, these guys love spilt pushing, and when they're done, they will just arrive in time for the big team fight of the game... usually dieing first or being the last one alive.


    A majority of Arachne players played against a good Arachne, tried to play as her, and feed like crazy, monkey see, monkey do. If you do get one of these, just grab a drink or something, and watch the salt pour out of her.


    "At last, my ultimate is ready! Blink is up, everyone is bundled together, my team is right behind me! THE STARS ARE ALIGNED, I CAN DO THIS!" - Ares
    *Blinks in and Ults*
    *Everyone uses purification*


    Somehow the worst player on your team at the start, next thing you know shes wiping out the enemy team... go Artemis players... make us proud.


    A lot of people find Artio UNBEARABLE to fight against, so they get salty in chat, but when they get their PAWS on her... they still suck... also Artio players like bear puns... GET IT?... because I don't...


    Mega tryhard, unfun to play with due to her constant taunt spamming and her million blocks, however with her on your team, you will get a ton of kills.


    "Moonlight Charge"
    "Suku comes to Awilix's aid, rushing forward and damaging all enemies. If hit from the side or behind, enemies are also knocked up into the air."
    "If hit from the side or behind, enemies are also knocked up into the air."
    "If hit from the side or behind"

    Bull****, somehow all good Awilix players will even get you from the front, this is possibly due to a server thing or lag or whatever, but other then that, Awilix players destroy anything that gets near them, even tanky Guardians, so be careful.


    One thing that unites Bacchus players together is that they can mess around with you or the enemy team, like jumping with them, taunting, laughing, these guys are total bros, but when they aren't doing that, they're killing people... like a psychopath.


    A dieing breed, you rarely see Baka players anymore, which is sad, he's a fun god to play as, but too many things shut him down... but very rarely, you will see a Baka player, and he will destroy everything he sees, don't get mad, you just saw something that is super rare to see these days.

    Baron Samedi

    People who play Baron Samedi want to be Baron Samedi in real life, a cool dude, with a slick voice, great fashion sense, and the life of the party.


    There're 2 types of Bastet players, the first players use your team as a scratching post for herself and her kitties all the time, and end up having the highest damage in the game, with the second highest amount of damage being thousands behind her.
    The other Bastet always uses her cats at the wrong time, when she uses them, they usually just stand there, often leading to this.


    You ever had something stick on to you? Like no matter what you do, it will NEVER come of until you get like 4 people to help you? That's Bellona, except she kills you in the process.


    Cabrakans make your teammates who have no escape abilities s*** their pants, and constantly laugh spams at them, however they're pretty cool dudes too, you can usually mess around with them once and a while.


    Camazotz players are weird, they usually use cosmetics you rarely see, they laugh/taunt spam at everyone they see, however they're really powerful in battle, they're a bit batty, as they say.


    Cerberus is the god who does way more damage then you think each time you attack with him, often leading to surprise kills. Also if you fight one in solo, good luck... you're gonna need it.


    Usually a tryhard player, trying to play Cernunnos like how he was released, when fatalis was a thing and his damage was much more stronger, but he often dies before he even gets 1 kill.


    A violent fighter, but at the same time, the most chill out of all the warriors, he likes to laugh spam and dance, enjoy these guys when they're chill, because you will hate them a lot after.


    I could write down a stereotype, but this video pretty much sums it up, it ain't mine, but god do I share the same reaction as Punk.


    This guy loves to ULT in one an enemy who has very low HP for an easy kill, but is too stupid to realise that the enemy isn't alone... doesn't stop him from trying though... oh also.


    Usually a player who plays Chiron expects to play like any other hunter, however he will get his a** destroyed everytime he tries to do anything. Also if you see a Fabulous Chiron, be prepared, he likes spamming... a lot.


    Usually a player trying to play Chronos like the good ol'days with his built in fatalis, but often dies before he can get one kill... poor guy.

    Cu Chulainn

    If this guy joke spams in his Berserk Form, be warned, he knows what he is doing, and will end up getting a penta if you're not careful. As for the others, just expect him to say "I'M CUMMING FOR YOU LADDIE!" and shoving spears up your rectum often.

    HiRez - "Cupid is so cute! We won't change him!"
    Community - "Yea..."

    As for ingame, he's like Agni, you expect an easy kill, but destroys you before you even do half his health to him, so be warned.

    Da Ji

    This f**king b***h, get the Bellona stereotype, and multiple it by AS***LE, I want to rip you apart you stupid little ****... no I'm not salty...
    *Respawns and returns to lane*
    *Dies to Da Ji in under 2 seconds when she just appeared*


    Besides doing a stupid amount of damage, you keep hiding in your tiny a** cloud, expecting to sneak away from the enemy, and you fail... every... single... time...

    Erlang Shen

    While everyone sees you as a sweaty tryhard, who tries to 1v5 the whole team, the only reason your playing Erlang, is to see his winning screen, and it's one of the best in the game, don't deny it.


    Hey you, do you like moving? Do you like being alive? Too bad, the enemy team has a Fafnir, and he will focus the s*** out of you in his dragon form.


    They're two types of Fenrirs, bros who will help you with kills, voice spam WITH you, jump a lot, and are just fun to be with... the others... not as much...


    Don't bother trying to 1v1 her, she will get all her health back, and kill you within seconds.


    If there's a Loki on the other team, your Ganesha will focus him and just piss Loki of, and trust me, it's fun to watch.


    Shields... shields everywhere, no matter where you are, that enemy with 2 hp, WILL get a shield out of no where, thanks to this bundle of rocks.

    Guan Yu

    A tryhard, not a good nor a bad one, he just wants to win, a simple stereotype.


    You know he has an ability called Eagle Eye right?
    So how come you never use it to finish someone far away? Seriously, you lost like 5 kills because of that.


    They're two types of Hades players, the first one are older players who are really good, and are enjoying, what I like to call "The Hades Golden Age" that we're in, which started with Season 3's event Escape from the Underworld, where he got his first skin with new voicelines, which was the first skin Hades got after 3 years of waiting, and as time passed, we got more awesome and fun skins for Hades and changes where Hades became more stronger. These old school players are usually pretty happy, and fun to play with.
    The other type of Hades though... well...

    He Bo

    This smug son of a b**** knows what he's doing, and he will solo wipe your entire team with ease, even playing with him is boring, he gets all the kills before anyone else!


    Dear Hel players, stop using Cleanse on nothing, thanks! - Signed everyone who died in a teamfight while your Cleanse was on cooldown.

    90% of all Hercules players are all tryhards, they will do everything in their power to steamroll your lane and base, and is a major pain to fight, and often has an Aphro attached to his a** nearly all the time.
    HOWEVER, if you see a Hercules wearing a Retrocles skin, he doesn't care about the game in the slightest, he's a total bro, will happily mess around with you, and wants to have fun, these guys are rare to see, and they're very good players, but trust me, love them, and he will love ya back.

    Hou Yi

    These guys like to boast how hard it is to hit enemies with a Ricochet arrow is, even though the hitbox is bigger then Jupiter (The planet, not Zeus you smarta**) also they're usually pretty salty.

    Hun Batz

    They are very similar to Camazotz players, taunt and laugh at everything, using weird cosmetics, however they do like to monkey around often.


    Oh boy... I'm running out of edgy songs...


    Expecting an edgy song again? Well no, these guys are actually very sociable, and will communicate well with their team, they might get a bit salty, but it's no where as bad as others.


    *Ults in*
    *Entire enemy team is on the other side of the portal*
    *Janus's reaction*

    Yea Janus players love to flee all the time, even if it's a fight they can win against, they still run away, however no matter what, they want a sick snipe, and will try to get one all game.

    Jing Wei

    "Oh hey, she looks cute, let's play her!" - Every new player playing Jing Wei
    *Looks at her face ingame
    *Their reaction*


    You're playing Kali either just to focus someone all game to make them super salty, or just want an easy penta kill.


    "Oh my god, I'M GONNA DIE, I'M GONNA DIE!" - Teammate
    "Don't worry my friend, I got you!" - Khepri
    *Uses ULT*
    *An ally has been slain*
    *Ult was used on Khepri himself or another teammate*
    "Report Khepri greifing" - Teammate.


    A pubstomper similar to Anubis, but you can usually relay on these guys on their own since they're a strong independent Dragon who no need no teammates! Except if he's using the Kuku skin, expect to hear this a lot... and I mean a lot...


    They're two types of Kumbhakarna players, people who know how to play the game, are pretty chill and can mess around once and a while. The other type of Kumbhakarna is the most salty guardian player in the game, and is often useless, often using his 3 on nothing, and missing ults constantly.


    Kuzenbo players are powerful and masculine beings with pecks the size of mountains, with beards that have their own beards, they can solo carry the whole team with ease, if you're a girl gamer, be warned, as playing Kuzenbo will make your boobs disappear and make you grow a penis and facial hair, also this is them using NeNe Kappa... ecks dee

    Ok on a serious note, these guys are total meme lords, they don't take the game seriously and just want to have fun, also if you have one who uses the Kappa global emote while doing his dance, give him your money, he deserves it.


    Loki players are kind and generous beings who never kill, nor harm a fly, they let people steamroll their towers, and offering a high five, drinks and food while they're doing it. Even when HiRez tries to buff them, they ask for the buff to be removed, and give it to someone else, Loki players are wonderful beings, and you should be like them. Stay awesome Loki players, no wonder why everyone loves you!

    *Gets handed a bag with a £ on it*

    Oh! My washing is done!


    Yea I've ran out...


    Name any anime that involves punching, this weeb has seen it, seriously he has seen EVERY SINGLE ONE! You know it's bad when most of the Japanese Gods are less weebs then this guy!

    Ne Zha

    They either use a skin to get rid of the god awful default voicepack, or use the default skin with voicepack to annoy everyone, either way, you're going up into the sky if you like it or not.


    You know how Neith was designed to be "Baby's first hunter?" Well nobody plays her except diamond Neith tryhards who can solo wipe the enemy team with her stupid amount of damage... yea... fun...


    Nice shield, it's a shame you can never time it right...
    At least everyone keeps thinking they can kill you though, so you can pull the ol switcharoo and get them with ease.


    You complain at HiRez for losing every match despite playing as the Goddess of Victory... and that's it.


    I would put another edgy song here, but Nox players are more then that, they're fun haters, they want you to hate every second of playing SMITE, they're unfun and will bash any negative changes to Nox on forums and to HiRez, everyone hates Nox players.

    Nu Wa

    60% useless all game, except getting that one 2+3 combo kill, spilt pushing that one time, and finishing of people, other then that, people would prefer anything else then you.


    You're hated THAT MUCH, that a relic was introduced SOLOY to counter you... yea... you're not liked in the slightest.


    You're tired of everyone not believing you exist, and shred everyone on the enemy team, then you disappear like Bigfoot... you're not helping yourself... idiot.


    You're good, until you don't have your 3's cripple due to Pury or it being on cooldown, then you're just free gold.


    Ra's stereotypes are different with each skin, however here are the most common ones.
    Sun.GOD and Sunstar are mediocre at best, they don't do too much damage often, and are easy food for your hunters and assassins.
    Eldritch Ras are calm, but still act very edgy.
    And Ra'mericas are meme lords, and are MURICANS, and this is their theme song, 10% Murican, 90% memes.
    However, what unites all these stereotypes, are the constant laugh spamming.


    Tryhards, usually good, but they will get salty often.


    Rama players struggle with English, for some reason, they only know 3 letters, V, E, and L for some reason... huh... I wonder why.


    They try and act cute, so you let your guard down and they will get you, don't fall into their trap! Also they love to spam laughs and taunts.

    *What Ravana players expect*
    *What they get*

    Yea don't expect too much out of most Ravana players, however, if you find that one Ravana, and I mean that one who can 1v1 anyone, don't get in his way, he is a frighting force to deal with.


    Oh boy... Scylla... I do have some kind words for her, she primarly has two types of players...

    The first one are META slaves, they play exclusively Scylla and META characters, they're super tryhards, boring and can often carry teams, they're cancer to fight against. And in forums, they claim Scylla to be the penile of being perfectly balanced, even though her damage is unrivalled between mages, having a free ward and escape in one ability, and an Ult that resets, f*** these guys, they're unfun to play with and against.

    The other type are on the FBI watchlist for lewding lolis, they play EXCLUSIVELY Scylla, have all of her skins, and will insta lock her asap ingame, if they don't get Scylla, they don't pick anyone full stop. These guys are just a**h**es


    Let me guess, you died because you forgot how much damage she does?
    Same here...

    Serqet players are often quite smart and bait enemies into attacking them, allowing teammates to get an easy kill, but playing against them... yea f*** that, I'll go into another lane until she's gone.


    Besides being edgy saltmines, these guys often complain how Skadi is underpowered, and yet go something like 12/0/10 as her... yea ok...


    He either gets kills for you, or gets you killed... 90% of the time it's an accident as they usually think you can take the enemy out, so just be careful and use voice commands when you want to heal, it saved my a** from a Charge Happy Sobek Teammate often.


    "Oh my god Sol is so weak!"
    *Solo destroys all the towers*
    "She does no damage!"
    *Solo destroys all phoenixes*
    "HiRez, buff her ffs!"
    *Destroys Titan*
    *Sigh* "Why won't she be buffed?"

    Sun Wukong

    This guy's damage makes no sense, sometimes he does too much, sometimes he does too little, sometimes he can 1v1 a Hunter with ease, then he can't, then he can... Wukong, make some sense please... also stop turning into an eagle when you want to gank! Use the dam tiger!


    *What Susano players think they look like* (Has blood)
    *What Susano players actually look like*


    Very sociable, but don't expect too many crazy pulls, 70% of them are total accidents.


    People play Terra for one reason.


    Oh boy... I'm all out of edgy songs... wait hold on... what if I... hmmm... this might work.

    The Morrigan

    "The Morrigan takes skill!" - The Morrigan Players
    *Everyone else*


    Hands down, the mostly salty, unfun, sweaty, tryhard ever. These guys are ruthless, can kill nearly anyone, however IF they die once, it's their teams fault ALL THE TIME, not because he tried to 1v5... no no no, his whole team who were doing THEIR JOBS were at fault here, seriously f*** Thor players, I have personally not met a single one, I don't want to rip into two.


    "We won't nerf Thoth, as he isn't doing to well in the SPL and in competitive" - HiRez
    *Thoth Players*
    *Everyone else*


    *How Tyr players expect to play*
    *How they really play*

    Yea it's VERY rare to see good Tyr players, just get ready to carry if I was you.


    Despite being a "hard" character to learn, 90% of Ullr players do well due to how easy it is to hit someone, and his damage is very high... yea Ullr mains, go ahead, prove me wrong, I'm right and you know it.
    As for the others, you can usually leave your Ullrs alone once and a while, he does that much damage, has an escape and stun, many players just cba to fight them head on.


    You always end up building something different each game, seriously Vamanas have the most devise builds out of all of the gods, sometimes you can go pure damage with some tank, or pure tank with some damage, or a weird support build, seriously Vamana players are like the artists of the SMITE world.


    You're either the king of missing every single ability, or an aimbot god, never an in between, so except either a ton of "Hacks!" or "Noob!" during your time.


    You tend to over estimate your skills, strength and kit, and end up in situations you shouldn't be in, however you escape out of them quite often, just be careful.

    Xing Tian

    You share the same crying spot as Ares players when everyone avoids your ultimate, however you still do a ton of damage on you're own, and have an escape, so you're not helpless when you fail at ulting.


    Very similar to Bacchus players, these guys are chill, they're fun, but don't give them the cold shoulder, they will kill your whole team. Also they love to wall you, and block you from backing to spawn... even though it's annoying, I gotta love Ymirs.


    50% Salty tryhard, the other 50% he's your best friend for some reason, you die, he is furious with you and reports you later for no reason, get a kill, he says "You Rock" and all that jazz... make up your dam minds!

    Zhong Kui

    "HIREZ! Can we have new Zhong skins pls?... Pls?..." - Zhong Players
    "Have 2 new Thor skins and a Neith skin!" - Hirez
    *Zhong Players*

    So yea, that the god Stereotypes, again take note, don't take it seriously, it's for fun, and everyone has different stereotypes, which is I want to see, share yours below!
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    Makoa in Paladins needs a Kuzenbo skin and emote, seriously I would pay top dollar for that.

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    Cupid, LOL

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    Erlang Shen made me laugh.

    Some of these are pretty good. Fun thread!
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    More for Ra.

    Similar to Janus, will ALWAYS look for the one CLUTCH snipe a game....I know because I do it.
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    That Retrocules part is 100% me.

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