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Thread: Rauðskinna - The Legendary Book of Black Magick

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    Rauðskinna - The Legendary Book of Black Magick

    Rauðskinna - The Legendary Book of Black Magick

    Norse : Magical/Range : Mage

    Pros: High Damage / Decent Crowd Control

    Difficulty: Hard

    Uses black magic to crush the souls of it’s enemies, proc'ing various buffs for itself and debuffs for it’s enemies.

    Health: 506 (+76)

    Mana: 286 (+50)

    Speed: 260

    Range: 55

    Attack/Sec: 0.66 (+1.9%)

    Basic Attack:
    Damage: 36 (+1.6)

    Shoots a bundle of screaming souls forward from it’s portal

    Passive: Grimiore of Death (Buff / Self)

    The Rauðskinna cycles between all of the their 3 books, dealing a weaker effect when an attack is used. This effect grows stronger, maxing up to 75% of it’s original version, as the Rauðskinna levels. It is only possible to choose one tier 3 book per build which will make said book have no cycle until an enemy god is damaged as well as have a stronger effect. Choosing a book will also give bonus damage.

    •Each tier 3 book has a special transparent character, wearing either a white dress or basic clothing which holds the book.

    Cycle Timer: 4s

    1) Devil’s Advocate (Special Line/Area / Enemies)

    Rauðskinna’s Soul Slave spawns a demonic arm from a portal dealing damage in a line. If any enemy gods are in the area around it, this will instead deal damage to them and push them away. Pushing enemies into walls will deal bonus damage and intoxicate.

    •Visual: A huge demon arm fists forward damaging everything in it’s path and pushing it back; this is the same in a mirror effect. When enemies are near, the same demonic fist attack but smaller and in front of you.

    Damage: 86/126/176/246/316 (+66% of it’s Magical Power)

    Range: 45 / Area: 20

    Intoxicate Duration: 1/1.3/1.5/1.7/1.9s

    Cost: 60/65/75/80/90

    Cooldown: 15s


    •Using the back directional attack will deal the cone damage from behind the enemy / the end of the cone.

    •Enemies can reduces your clear by getting close to you

    2) Price of Power (Special Line / Self and Enemies)

    Rauðskinna’s Soul Slave throws forward their chain spiking threw an enemy god and pulling out a piece of their soul dealing damage and slowing. This also not only reduces the damage of the enemy by stacks for a duration, but heals itself.

    Each stack increases the duration and damage reduction if done to the same enemy god. At 4 stacks, the soul slaves will form a circular pentagram and damage all enemies in the area as well as slowing and reducing their damage by 40%.

    •Visual: The soul throws a chain with a spike at the end that pierces through an enemy, it then rips away a piece of their soul and heals you. When at full stacks, the 4 souls will form a pentagon in the area and deal area damage to any on the pentagon.

    Range: 55 / Area Radius: 25

    Damage: 96/146/206/266/326 (+76% of it’s Magical Power)

    Slow: 20/20/25/25/30% / Duration: 2s

    Damage Reduction: 7% (+7% Per Extra Stack) / Duration: 2s (+1s Per Stack)

    Heal: 40/45/50/55/66% of Damage Dealt

    Cost: 75

    Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10s


    •Heal does not proc at when doing this ability at full stacks.

    3) Black Magick (Charge/Area / Self and Enemies)

    The Rauðskinna hides it’s Soul Slave within itself and reducing it’s damage taken. For a short duration, the book absorbs damage for a duration (or if canceled early). It then explodes dealing damage as well as dealing double damage if fully charged.

    •Visual: The Soul is pulled into the book and it closes shut, the runes and symbols glow on it as well as light orbiting around it as it charges. It then explodes, opening up and looking like a magical nuke.

    Radius: 20/25/30/35/40

    Damage: 63/103/163/243/333

    Self Damage Mitigation: 15/25/35/45/60%

    Duration: 3s

    Cost: 70/75/80/85/90

    Cooldown: 18s


    •Crowd Control does not interrupt this ability even if pulled.

    4) Shattered Soul Mirage (Special Minion / Everyone)

    The Rauðskinna pulls the soul from the first enemy god hit in a cone dealing damage. This then recasts an A.I. doppelgänger that attacks enemies for a duration. While active the A.I. absorbs partial damage that damage allies around it, but will die if too much damage is taken.

    •Visual: The book opens pulling the soul from the first enemy in it’s path, it then creates a ghost form of that god that acts as an A.I.

    Cone Range: 40

    Damage: 106/146/196/286/366 (-66% of the Enemies Power)

    A.I. Duration: 5/5.5/6/6.5/7s

    Damage Absorb from Allies: 30/35/40/45/50% / Radius: 40

    Health Cap: 600/1200/1800/2400/3000 (+5% of Enemies Max Health)

    Cost: 100/95/90/85/80

    Cooldown: 75s


    •It is also to spot the A.I since it appears as a ghost form.

    •This ability deals less damage depending on how high a persons power is (thus making it seem as if they have a strong soul)

    The Rauðskinna is a book of demonic black magic, it should look the part by being very creepy. Although there are 4 characters that hold it, the focus on them is very little. It should actually be on the book w/ little details such as all the souls being chained to it. To save time and money it is preferred they share a voice that echoes with women and men (4 voices at once), all saying the same thing. They are simply holding the book, the book itself is talking. This also makes their base design basic which means this.

    Book of Thoth: Pale Transparent Girl in a white tattered dress

    •Soul Reaver: Dark Transparent Girl with demonic tattoos in a black tattered dress

    Polynomicon: Pale Transparent Man shirtless in tattered pants

    Book of The Dead: Dark Meat-like Zombie thing

    They all float, they all float down here... the play style lets the Rauðskinna play in other roles, is best with it’s damage as a mage. Has a close ranged play style at times but can also use that as a smart way to deal a lot of burst damage with the 3.

    Skin Ideas
    Club Life: Dance emote that has all the souls dancing around the disco ball (book)

    Chinese Festival: Replaces book with glowing paper lantern

    This legendary dangerous book was made with much evil black magick. Created by a bishop hoping to capture and control the devil itself. The book has now found itself in the middle of a war between gods and feels, if it has potential of catching the devil, why stop there.

    Now it hunts and tries to take as many gods as it can.

    Author Notes
    •This idea came from my need to play with things that aren’t like the average concepts. By that I mean the same as Hi-Rez saying they wanted more hunters that didn’t use bows, because it adds to the coolness of a character to be unique. So now I had a book to Smite hoping it gets in the game, with the focus of detail on it, not much on the souls carrying it.

    •If you have anything that interests you, better ideas, dislikes, confusion, or just want to leave a comment; please do. I love feedback good or bad, it can help me make the ideas more balanced, better, or anything really. Thanks for reading.

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    this doesn't make much sense as a concept. at least not as a God.

    an Item added into the game maybe (the stats would need tweaking and you would have to make it only have one effect)

    unless you can find someone within Norse mythos that has used this book and that person is well known before, during and after they used it. then I could see it happening, but it would the merely be their "weapon" they bring into battle. otherwise, adding a book as a God into the game...just doesn't work

    separate note; I think when Hi-Rez said they wanted "more hunters that didn't use bows" they meant Gods like Skadi, Cernunnos or Izanami. Their weapons aren't bows, thus fall outside the normal convention of what we think of as a "Hunter". A "book" as a Mage doesn't make any real sense. There needs to be someone wielding it.
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    There is actually, you play as a little slave soul or a spirit holding the book. The book is being held and they are flying around while holding it. It's just the book controls them like a mindless drone; speaking and attacking on it's own.
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