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Thread: It's time to have pc and xbox cross-play

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    It's time to have pc and xbox cross-play

    I don't see why not. At least for public matches.

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    look at this from the outside picture, and not just from the perspective of someone who wants it. Here are two things to think about.

    1) This would take a lot of work and time. Time that, frankly, Hi-Rez doesn't have. They are adding in another two Pantheons to the game, thus spreading their work force even thinner. It would be extremely difficult to add something like this in, given the current state of the game.

    2) It might not even be technically possible. Yes, I am well aware that Xbox and PC does have "some" cross platform gaming already, but it is only with Windows PCs. For all the other PC owners out there, this is a slap in the face. They would, if they wanted to, go out and buy a new ($800 as a minimum price point for something decent). And given Smite is playable on other PC systems...well...

    Am I saying that it is a bad idea? No. Am I saying it shouldn't happen? In a sense, yes. Both communities are rather toxic (though I've heard PS4 is the worst of the bunch). There is also then the issue of connectivity. Smite runs (as to my best knowledge) on a partial peer to peer server. I.E. they have servers for the game, but once you are in a match, it relies more on the connections of each player. This is why people experience lag...and how lag-switching is abused to some degree.
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