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Thread: New player experience - road to lvl 30

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildstreak View Post
    1 - Some of the players you think do not understand gods, roles, builds and the map do have that problem, others just do not care. Low to mid ELO has a portion of the playerbase either doing whatever they want or making bonehead decisions.

    2 - Some of those discos are not intentional. Yes, there are people even on NA server who communicate in other languages. Some of those who "thinks themselves above the nuisance of communicating with the rest of the team" may actually have problems with VGS, me for example been playing 9 months now and still only know roughly half the VGS commands PLUS try typing one when you need to use a same key you are using to move and avoid dying.

    3 - Your complaints are not only true about Smite, also true about every other MOBA I ever tried or heard of.

    4 - Nu Wa can be used as an ADC in addition to Mid.

    5 - Your match history is actually quite good, do not understand why complaining about it. Your SmiteGuru Conquest ELO is higher than the bottom and your Win/Loss is positive though your little Joust experience needs work.

    6 - If you are missing Paragon, there is always Paragon 2.

    7 - If you want more competitive Smite try Ranked though Summer Split will end around August.

    8 - Account leveling is not a measure of skill despite what some people think. Yes it is a long grind to 30 intentionally, each level needs more XP to reach up to 30. After 30, the amount drops to a flat rate for every level above 30. I am sure once you reach 30 and go ranked, you will find what you want.

    9 - Modes outside Conquest have differences in playstyle I would suggest learning before trying including the player behavior, it has its own rough spots, many of them.
    Thanks for taking the time to write a lengthy response, so I'll do my best to answer in kind - and in the same order as you did.

    1. I am sure that there are a lot of people who absolutely do not care and some who actively try to sabotage the match in order to cause as much grieve as possible. I know that this is a common thing in MOBAs, but usually you aren't force to play 200+ matches with those kind of players as is the case in Smite. Since I am still not level 30, I get matched exclusively with sub-30 players - and that's where a lot of the trolls and similar people lurk.

    2. I totally get that a lot of people are not familiar with the VGS, myself included. But there is a difference between not responding to VGS in the heat of the moment, and not reacting to anything at all. Nothing in the lobby, nothing before the minions spawn, nothing in downtimes.

    4. My comment about Nu Wa was not to mock their choice of gods but rather to give a quick overview of what each player picked. When Nu Wa is the only mage in the team and doesn't respond to questions about the position, I assume that it's going to be a midlane Nu Wa... simply because that is the most likely outcome and I have nothing else to base my decisions on.

    5. As I said previously, it's not that I am complaining about my poor win rate. I am complaining that the matches themselves are pure agony. It might not be the same for everyone, but I don't automatically enjoy a match just because I win it. In a lot of those cases it's not a feat to curb stomp people who have just picked up the game and are playing their first match of conquest.
    My 2 matches of Joust were purely in order to complete one of the training quests, which linked to the Joust game mode but turned out to be bugged (cannot be completed, regardless of what I do). I have no interest in playing Joust. That said, both games of Joust featured a russian playing Bakasura who then sabotaged the game for whatever reason.

    7 and 8. Well, that is exactly the point of this post, is it not? My main gripe is that I have to play 200 games of low level normal conquest before I am allowed to participate in ranked. Believe me when I say that if I had been able to play ranked, I certainly would've done that right away. But alas here I am, still grinding my way to level 30.
    My overall statement was that the grind to level 30 feels way too long and way too frustrating for someone who wants to get into ranked conquest play (or other ranked game modes). The matches are of terrible quality and with only 250-500 experience per match, you are stuck playing unpleasant and unfulfilling games for a very long time. A needlessly long time, I have to say.

    I am somewhat disappointed that the matchmaking below level 30 is purely based on the size of party and the level of the account... and nothing else. There is quite a significant difference in skill level and/or experience between a level 29 and a level 7 account. Matching those together rarely results in satisfying games.

    dont remember how long it took to reach 30. I know my smurf hit lv 15 in just 2 days but i guess it goes slower from there.
    I am currently level 29 and from 29 to 30 requires ~28k experience. With conquest matches only giving 250-500 experience (booster included), that's 50-100 matches just for that last level. Overall I will have played 200 or more conquest matches when I hit level 30, which is quite sobering.

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    I think what you have to realize is that you are an anomaly. Your experience is not anything like that of the average player. I truly don't understand how you're so insanely good only just starting the game.. The "slog" to lvl 30 for most players is to help get people acclimated with the game, the gods, the items, the matchups, the counters, the roles, the objectives, the map, and the extensive information they need to learn, before throwing them into ranked, or worse, letting noobs into ranked to ruin it for the more serious players.

    The long grind before ranked is an intentional mechanic.

    You being an absolute monster at this game just starting is a freak anomaly, most people aren't supposed to be so good like that right away.. Most people aren't that good even after playing for a long time..
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