This is something that has bothered me for a while, but unfortunately I've been too lazy to make a report on it until now.

The Item Builder for each God has a different layout than the Item Shop (in a match).
Item Builder: 6 rows, 4 columns
Item Shop: 5 rows, 6 columns

As a result, there are 10 build slots that never get used in a match (5 rows, 2 cols), or to look at it another way, there's an entire row called "Consumables" in Item Builder that never gets used in the Item Shop. These would be greatly helpful when custom building a loadout.

Item Shop UI is actually not bad - easy to read and navigate, and has an adequate number of slots. Can we update the Item Builder UI to match this Item Shop layout (5 rows, 6 cols) so that building loadouts will be a better experience? Not sure how much work goes into something like that, but it would function a lot better in a match. I believe that's how the PC version is configured, yeah?

Right now, console version looks/feels a bit sloppy, but most importantly it doesn't allow the player to fill out all the slots in build. Those can be super useful when setting up builds with situational options.

Am I allowed to add pictures here from my phone? I took some snapshots of what I'm talking about, but I'm sure everyone is well-aware of exactly what I mean.