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Thread: Goodwill system needs to be destroyed.

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    Goodwill system needs to be destroyed.

    I just got gang reported by a bunch of childish teammates who claimed I was "toxic" for pointing out that the game was legit unwinnable because it was a 3v5 due to our Vamana afking constantly and a Hachi who decided to build Devs in ARENA. As a result the Vamana came back and then proceeded to run at the enemy and either die or just stood still doing nothing. Our brain dead Hachi went 2/6 doing barely any damage at all in addition to the fact that he only had ONE relic during the entire game. And by the end of the game, I was pretty triggered, why on earth does this system count the # of reports and then punish you instead of actually getting people to look at the reports to see if they are legit? Like really? I went through 6 matches of retarded teammates just to get my goodwill back to like 80% and now I lost all of it again? Are you fucken serious high rez?
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    I'm a new guy to SMITE. I didn't even know what goodwill was until a week or so ago.

    I noticed 1 day the number next to the lil heart symbol was at like 15%. I was confused and went online to look up what that even means.

    I'm just really confused cuz im playing on playstation, I cant really shit talk people in game, im not toxic at all, and I'm always trying to stay positive and keep learning every game.

    So I think what happened, is I must have just been playing bad, cuz Im admittedly a noob, and my team reported me or something? I literally don't even know or understand what happened.

    If I was playing bad, it wasn't for a lack of trying, I'm just new and still figuring stuff out. Only playing casual Joust, not messing with Ranked or Conquest, So I just don't really understand.

    I played ~400+ hours on Paragon, and have spent time researching builds and stuff for the gods I like to use, So even If I had a bad game, it's not like im feeding, or building random stuff.. I just don't understand how I could have lost so much Goodwill

    Took me a few games, but got it back to 100%

    Very wierd system tho, it seems like the toxic players just use this to be more toxic.

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    All good will does is give you bonus favor, and not an astronomical amount at that. I would be more concerned about learning how to mute team mates and loosen up a bit. This a struggle I'm trying to get better on myself. I can get pretty flippant at times as well

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    Direct rage into vent thread. Closing.
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