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Thread: Life and Death | 5.11 PC Update Notes

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    Like i said, it does mean you need to get your CDR elsewhere. Personally I'm still in love with chronos pendant regardless of its high cost, and if I'm planning on getting pendant i typically don't want a breastplate anyway(again largely different story on guardians, I'll totally get an initial overcap on CDR that I'll swap items around for later to give them that defense and initial CDR for damage).

    Dynasty helm is the one i usually use on Zhong Kui regardless of its trashy state as i only keep it as a bridge item, and honestly sometimes i won't even build up from T1 if I'm snowballing and I'll just sell it lategame for a MoD. Sometimes i need a bit more defense/pen early so i get dynasty which works very well with my spear of the magus and/or divine ruin to ensure my own damage output is quite high.

    Aphrodite is largely more difficult to land her birds on the opponent, and i believe her birds also have a longer cooldown(and she is getting an unjustified nerf....) So i get why you'd really want that quick 30% CDR(breastplate + blue buff), not to mention you likely won't give as much priority to spear of the magus/divine ruin. Even if you were to build them a Gem of Isolation would be higher priority to more easily hit the birds(honestly would be nice if her Back Off applied its slow regardless of whether or not you use a linked ally to hit them, but maybe she'd be too good then).

    I know zhong does just fine with dynasty, I'd think Chang'e would have similar results. Aphro would definitely prefer a breastplate, Hel would likely also prefer a breastplate. Anubis would be fine with dynasty(remember his passive steals protections so it is just more def/pen advantage) though i don't want to be an Anubis in solo unless my jungler's really got my back. Guardians in general need that quick CDR(especially with their lower wave clear), but i believe this honestly slight change was mostly to nerf guardians in solo.

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    Not sure I understand the massive heal nerfs when other gods 1-2 shot people, but whatever. Lol

    Keep those Thanatos, Poseidon, Scylla people going- I guess.

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    Definitely going to have to playtest Baron for myself quite a bit. That kit looks fun, with lots of interaction.
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