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Thread: Guardian coaches?

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    Guardian coaches?

    I've been doing well with guardians and looking into maining supports more often. So far Athena is by far the best support I can play. I'm looking for someone who is willing to help coach me a bit more of builds, shotcalling and placement when initiating. I'm used to maining warriors last season. If anyone is willing to help, please feel free to add me on PC and let me know what you may be able to do. Not really looking for "pro" status, but I'm trying to help push for more this season or next.

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    If you get the time, watch the Mixer streams or rebroadcasts/VODs of how the Leaguers are playing and building Guardians. Sometimes there are certain Warriors who can do Support too like Amaterasu. Even if not looking for Pro status, learning can help. I have used some of their build ideas, not always but some.

    This site can also show how popular Guardians are in Ranked, click Smite GG in upper left corner then pick any god to see who they are supposed to work well against and with plus some popular build options.

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