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Thread: Problems with rewards

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    Problems with rewards

    As the update hit i decided to get a few chests to obtain skins, so i purchased a pack of 800 gems. That's where the problem starts. After purchasing them the notification about obtained items showed up and i was shown 2 empty slots without any text or pictures. I also tried restarting my pc, steam and smite multiple times, but none worked. Later i tried to fix it by getting another reward, so i won a match and obtained 7 items. However, the only items i could really know what they are were 2 (instead of 1) FWOTDs and a winner's chest, the rest of the slots were blank like before. None from the blank items is registered in the notification and unlocks log as well.

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    yep, there's an issue. after each arena win i get like 10 rewards, with 8 of them being empty (no picture, and no reward). also i don't get the champion chests, even though my slots are empty.

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