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Thread: Chernobog: Perspectives from a Chernobog Main

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    Cool Chernobog: Perspectives from a Chernobog Main

    At first, when Chernobog came out I was skeptical, to say the least with his ultimate really being the only thing to peak my interest but now weeks later and mastery rank 10 I've had time to really feel out Chernobog, test builds, and put together a cohesive coherent review with my own ideas within. Doubtful Hi-Rez would see this but if you do please take this into consideration, I main Chernobog now and honestly I just want to see the darker Lord of Darkness >:3

    Auto Attacks

    These are the definition of clunky. Other hunters like Hachi and Cernunnos don't have des clunky autos like Chernobog does. They feel clean and straight and I think it due to the double shooting nature of Chernobog's autos. Honestly, the feel like Izunami autos but not as smooth. If something could be done to the animation or the initial attack speed to make them feel less clunky it would be appreciated greatly.


    Chernobog is slow and I mean really slow. Even with boots, I feel like it takes ages to cross the map but I guess that is there to counter balance his power but I will say this. His movement speed limits his ability to position properly to get the most value out of his kit. A slight increase could help him greatly.

    Crystalized Curses

    This ability feels like mage ability which in my opinion suit Chernobog. The effortlessly powerful lord of darkness. Would he have some sort of magic in his kit no? But this ability suffers a lot. It is clunky. The cast time makes it hard to land on anyone who can juke properly especially late game with well-timed dashes, the initial damage isn't worth it at all, and it really has little value in a team fight. I've played against almost every god as Chernobog and I have gotten a good feel for the interactions between him and other gods. This ability is almost useless against anyone with a dash and cc immune. Sad to say the Lord of Darkness can't catch his prey? It doesn't feel right in my opinion especially with his lore and design. So here are the changes I propose.

    Initial damage
    50/80/110/140/170(90% of your physical power)

    70/100/130/160/190(80% of your physical power)

    The initial hit of Crystalized Curses now slows for 25% for the duration of detonation.

    What this does is allows him to chase his target while retaining the same overall DPS as before. This rewards the players who can actually catch someone with the combo with a nice bit of burst damage but if the enemy god has an escape, then gives Chernobog a chance to chase in the 3 seconds it takes the curses to explode. There is a trade-off here. Do you want the root? Or the slow? You can't have both. It allows you to choose the chase or try and go for that sweet burst which with these changes will be now more rewarding to get.

    Vicious Barrage

    This ability is fine. The station is insane plus the chance to crit and it procs hydra's honestly good job Hi-Rez. There is a combo you can do where you use his one auto then break it with Vicious Barrage to get 2 procs of hydrae. It is hard to do but worth it. Nice Crystal design as well and that goes for all the abilities honestly good job.

    Into Darkness

    Oh boy, this ability. I love it. I can't count how many ultimates and combos I've dodged with this ability. Release the Kraken? You cannot hit what you can't see! I've got you now? You're eyes deceive you! I love it but small changes could be made. Since his 1 now slows I propose removing the slow from his dash. Instead, let him have a fear on his dash. The slow never felt rewarding to get on the dash nor does it really make to much sense. The distance is fair considering you can go into walls and the animation is awesome. The fear would make more sense than a slow because well the Lord of Darkness is terrifying no?

    Now fears for 1 second. If the same person is dashed through again while feared, they are also disarmed for 1 second.

    This allows a consistent escape as well as a more rewarding aspect to actually hitting the dash on a God be purposeful for that damage isn't really anything per se especially late game. I feel this really reminds me of his teaser where he dashes into the person and takes them to the sky. They are obviously terrified and are not fighting back. It suits him that is for sure.

    Living Nightmare

    This is why I am a Chernobog main. Getting value from this ultimate is the most satisfying thing in the game right now more so that a ra snipe and those are pretty delicious. The Lord of Darkness is everywhere there is nowhere to hide expect you can just look juke the ult and nothing will happen to you and you can turn the tables and send him back to the shadows. Whenever I ult, everyone goes on guard and they know when you are flying many people are ready for you to land since it takes so long to get there and there is lag on landing. It is very clunky. I don't disagree with a visual cue on the flying it is necessary for counterplay but it doesn't help him at all. I can't tell how many times I've been Caledonian boar'ed, He Bo ulted, Kraken, or even just Ullr stun(shiver Ewwww) upon landing. Not to mention this is weak in a team fight unless you can get into the backline or initiate the problem being you a hunter who doesn't want to dive into the enemy team because you are extremely squishy. Plus there is little point to upgrading this ability for his other abilities are just more valuable to be higher leveled than his ultimate, even his dash. Here are my proposed changes.

    Buff Duration

    Damage Mitigations

    Movement speed bonus

    Shadow clones speed
    425 at all ranks

    Shadow clone slow at 4 stacks

    Mana cost


    Landing time
    At 0 - 200m 1s
    At 200 - 400m 2s
    At 400 - 600m 3s
    At 700+ 4s

    Air time
    Min of 1
    Max of 2.6

    Cast time
    1.75 second

    Landing lag

    New UI that allows the user to choose the target

    Now there is a reason to upgrade the ult for the increased damage mitigations, speed, and buff duration. This is counterbalanced by the much greater mana cost, longer cooldown, and longer cast time making the ability less safe to cast in a bad situation and used less frivolously. This also bolsters his defenses and speed so he can actually pull off the dive and get back to his team making the ability more consistent. The added scaling flight time also makes it more consistent and will fix the clunky issues with the ultimate. In addition, a UI similar to Morrigan's ultimate UI would help him greatly. I can't tell you how many times I've flown to the wrong person because I cannot see them properly in my ult so I just use it as a ward and a global slow. Now with this UI and buffs, Chernobog can confirm his value consistently and be safer in it. There are still so many ways to outplay him and counter play him but this just helps him confirm and in the hands of a cold player can be devastating how it should be for such a skill-based God.

    Overall I like Chernobog a lot and I love the God. I just want to see him more consistent and more reliable while retaining that skillfulness in his kit that I so love.

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    Chernobog is fine. Few pointers from your post.
    - Chernos movement speed is 365. It's the same as most other hunters. So he's not slow.
    - Your change to his 1 would reverse the base dmg, meaning his easily confirmable dmg gets lower. And his combo is dodgeable by cc immunity or escapes for a reason. You use it when they are down or you bait them with that ability. And Lord of Darkness doesn't always catch his prey, I mean Thanatos is Hand of Death but doesn't always kill his targets.
    - His 3 is fine as it is, you don't have to bloat the god with cc in his escape.
    - Talking about bloat, his ult already is that. And you suggest buffing it. Yes, its quite useless late game but early to mid it's an incredible ganking tool. 10sec cooldown increase wouldn't make it okay to buff every other aspect of the ult. And you will get krakened or boared or whatever when you land because that's how you counter chernos ult. But that doesn't happen everytime.

    All in all, I think Cherno is fine as he is now, no need for changes to either direction.

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