First off, I am only posting on this forum and not the Realm Royale dedicated co-forum because you have to download Paladins and log in before you can log into the forums. Please, change this devs. None of the RR players can share their opinions of your game if you make them download Paladins before commenting on another game.

Alright, starting off I have about 30-40 hours in Realm already and am currently ranked D1. This game is badass and, no doubt, the best battle royale out there. I love almost every aspect of it, and as it is in alpha, that's impressive by my standards. However, there are many aspects of the game that aren't up-to-par. I've played almost every major BR, MMO, and pvp-related RPG on the market, and I feel like I have a few ideas that would make the gameplay a little more fun. I'll try and make this as short-worded as possible.

-Nerf Longbow -- it is faster than the Warrior's throwing axe whilst doing more damage. It is also faster than the Assassin's sniper, and more reliable close, and far range, than the rest of the classes legendary weapons. Longbow also does not have damage drop off, and almost immediately reaches its target. I think that the longbow should either be fixed by increasing charge-up time, or reducing damage to 800.

-Changes to Heirloom Rifle -- HR in its current state is necessary to win almost any fight early game. This is because all of the other common starting weapons (swords, shotguns, regular rifles) are completely inferior. The heirloom rifle's shot instantly reaches its target, has a very short time inbetween shots, and is just way too common. I propose that either making this rifle less common, or have longer bullet-travel time would make it more fair to exist.

-Warrior Leap -- Warrior leap is veeerrryy strong compared to the other classes mobility-based starting moves. The leap's damage is very strong early, and an insane engage at any point of the game. Being as all the other classes vs. a warrior before getting a skill are just completely inferior makes the start of the game almost unbearable. I'm also not sure if it's a glitch or not, but many times I have been in a situation where I am blinking, rolling, or flying away from a warrior before his leap hits the ground, and it still damages you if he hasn't landed. I don't think a jump that slams the ground should do damage before he actually hits the ground, it does not make sense, especially when none of the other classes beginner abilities do damage and give near the range warrior's leap does. I suggest that removing the damage of the leap before he hits the ground, and making it so warrior cannot change trajectory mid-leap would make this A LOT more fair.

-Assassin Blink -- Assassin blink is an ability that has the potential to be very useful, and some of the times it is. However, being as you cannot blink in a direction without looking that way, makes it much less powerful. Not only that, but about 10-20% of the time, the blink glitches out and puts you back to your starting location giving enemies a second or two to kill you. I'm not sure if it's just the server lag, I'm aware that RR doesn't have the best upkeep being as it's an experimental game, but I just know that it's a big problem.

I'm sure I'll develop more opinions in my gameplay, being as this is my favorite game, but for now I believe that these are the biggest issues I've faced in my many hours of play.

Thank you for reading, I'd like to hear the communities ideas, too.