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Thread: Disconnections in 1V1 Rankeds.

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    Disconnections in 1V1 Rankeds.

    I'm tired, 4 years ago I play this crap and I have a lot of cash spent and at least two weeks ago the "Disconnected player" sign appeared in the 1v1 game. I was lowered from the League twice for this type of error, and no, it's not my connection. The servers are disgusting, I can not be disconnected from the game and have given the victory to my opponent without even playing. Because of this I have the Elo ruined, it's costing me a lot to go up because when I win I get 8 points and when I lose I get 12 due to the defeats by the disconnections.

    My English is horrible, I write from where their servers are trash, South America.

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    Yeah, they've gotten worse over the past year. It's so bad now that more than likely in a game you should be prepared for a disconnect.

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