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Thread: Any super chill smite players out here?

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    Any super chill smite players out here?

    We have a discord with a group of friends and randoms from steam. Active a few times a week. Very laidback. We usually play everything but conq unless we have 5 people in a party. Main region EU. No clan stuff or mandatory stuff.

    If you dont flame, especially not your teammates and youre looking for some amazing evenings filled with laughter and weirdness hmu

    Discord: DarthFoot#8450
    Steam/Smite: DarthFoot

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    I tried to join your discord but link expired.

    I just posted this today. Not sure if time zone/servers line up but check it out.


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    IGN :PrestoDynamo
    Age :29
    Country/Timezone :USA/Central
    General Play Time : 6pm-9pm CPT
    Preferred Language:English
    God Masteries : 74
    Smite Join Date : 11-18-2015
    Preferred Position : Any
    Preffered Mode: Any modes, I enjoy ranked as well. Conquest would be my least favorite though
    Preferred Gods : i like them all but tend to gravitate towards guardians, mages and hunters
    Curse : Yes, but i preffere TS or Mumble
    Microphone : (Yes)
    Other Methods to communicate with you : (Discord, Steam, Skype, Mumble, TS, Vent) my profile name is Presto_Dynamo or PrestoDynamo
    Type of group I'm looking for : (casual, multi gaming, anyone who is on at late hours or maybe even UE players)
    Prior Competitive Experience : None
    About Me : Been playing Mobas since 2007, LoL, HotS, Dota 2, and tried some others, but just don't like bullying and killing minions. ;-) I've played many first person shooters and seem to enjoy those more. I aim to improve my skills in every game I play and take any and all information that can lead to a better understanding of the game. I am looking for a group that is on during late night hours and that main arena, clash, joust with siege and ranked games coming in second. I'm a casual player at heart that strives on skill level improvement no matter my rank or elo.

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    I'm down for some games! I sent you a friend request. IGN: BonDieu

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