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Thread: [XONE] Game Crashing

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    [XONE] Game Crashing


    I have this issue with XONE console version. Sometimes at the god pick lobby the game suddenly crashes. That is not so big problem, but the real problem is that each time I get deserter status... it is pretty annoying. Any idea how to solve this? Sorry for worse english.

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    If the game isn't working this is likely more on Xbox's end than Hi-Rez

    There are some steps you can take before contacting Xbox support...this just makes things easier on your end and theirs as it narrows down the cause. Do these in the order I list them, as some of them need to be followed specifically in this fashion.

    1) Uninstall the game/app in question that is having issues.
    2) Go into your system settings, and check your NAT connection (write down your NAT type, latency, and packet loss, and whether you are using a wired or wireless connection)
    3) Still in your settings find the following; Alternate MAC Address, clear it. (this will shut your system down, that is fine).
    4) When your system boots back up, go into profiles and remove your profile from the Xbox.
    5) Cold Restart your Xbox (i.e. hold the power button on the front of the system until it completely shuts off).
    6) While your system is powered down, unplug everything from it. Power cord, HDMI, controllers, Ethernet cord, etc. And let it sit for a minute or two.
    7) Go to where your internet modem/router is. Unplug the power cord from the modem/router for a minute or two.
    8) After a minute or two has passed, plug your internet modem/router back in, letting it boot back up, Do the same for your Xbox as well.
    9) Once everything is powered back up, readd your profile to your xbox.
    10) Reinstall Smite.
    11) While the game is reinstalling check any other games that you own that have a multiplayer function to see if you have issues playing those. (If you do, note which games as this might not just be limited to Smite and could be a bigger problem)
    12) Check for any system updates, often if the system is out of date, it can factor into games not working properly.
    13) Once Smite has been reinstalled and is up to date try launching it. If it works the problem has been solved, if not contact xbox support on the website.
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