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Thread: Two things that are killing smite

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    Two things that are killing smite

    When a new player comes to try this game they generally go to arena. Then play a game or 2 and want nothing more to do with this game.

    1. Unbalanced teams....stacking the teams against them is chasing them away.

    2. Loki.....

    From the people I know who have tried this gane these are the reasons they give for never wanting to touch this game.

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    Smite isn't an easy game to get into, especially for new players.
    Yes, you will get your ass kicked multiple times.

    But up your game, play your cards right and you'll become the asskicker.
    I had to learn this through lots of hours too.

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    Loki is actually pretty terrible. And I'm not saying "omg scary" terrible.
    He has little to no teamfight, among a myriad of other reasons of why he is a bad pick. He is easy to be countered coz any amount of cc completely ruins him.
    If new people play mobas, they'll know that how you play is you counterplay against your enemy. Loki is scary at first, but he's really easy to counter once you learn the game.

    Matchmaking pits you against people about your profile level. You'll notice this easily if someone makes a smurf (and fck the people that do that).

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    this is why I tend to recommend new players stay in co-op vs ai until at minimum level 10-15

    sure bots are dumb, predictable and build stupid...but it gives you a basic idea to go off of on how your god works and an idea for a build

    that being said...everything is both good and viable in all comes down to your team comp versus theirs
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    How are you supposed to "up your game", when you get matched up against squads of premades, multiple levels higher than you, who just annihilate your entire team with no effort?

    It feel like my last 10 games were basically unwinnable. At 3 minutes in, you know there is no hope, and your stuck getting murdered until your team just leaves the game, or surrenders.

    There has to be some semblance of balance. If you don't even get a chance to experiment with stuff because your getting annihilated so easily, you don't really have a chance to learn anything.

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