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Thread: Nerfs Needed

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    Angry Nerfs Needed

    Ra and Neith, everyone is level 20, as a hunter I was repeatedly being one shot with huge attacks that I hard to dodge without a blink rune

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    Ok so since you are playing as a Hunter you are a tad squishy...only thing squishier than you is a mage

    I'm not sure how new to the game you are so I will say these few things.

    1) Look at their build, know what each item is and what it does...even if just roughly.
    2) Look at your build, know what each item is and what it does roughly.
    3) Build and play smart. Hunters don't buy defensive items (leave that to your support), but you can buy stuff to help you survive.

    Majority of Hunters have at minimum one life steal item and one attack speed item. Depending on the Hunter will determine if you need more than that.

    As an example, here is my old Artemis build (I say old because I haven't really played all that much in the last year, so some items may be outdated or useless.

    Ninja Tabi, Odysseus' Bow, Asi, Titan's Bane, Deathbri8nger, Rage/Malice

    This build provides me with decent attack speed, some life steal, penetration, and crit.

    Now in the instance of Neith and I said their items are they key. There are builds that can easily make their Ults one shot most Hunters and Mages. You can often hear Ra's ult before he fires it...or see it coming. So it can be dodged. As for Neith, try to get behind someone who has more health than you, so they can take the shot.
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