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Thread: [GREEK GOD CONCEPT] Prometheus, the Flame Bearer

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    [GREEK GOD CONCEPT] Prometheus, the Flame Bearer

    Prometheus the Flame bearer


    Flame bearer (PASSIVE) :

    He does not need mana to cast his spells, he uses his life points, its power increases according to its health points.

    Sacred flame(Auto-attack) : Prometheus attacks become stronger and engulf the enemy, to the detriment of his own health loss with each use.

    Cloud of vultures ( Cone attack) : Prometheus unleashes a swarm of vultures that steal the health of the affected gods.

    Hallowed way ( Dash and heal ) : Prometheus traces a sacred path when he rushes in one direction, he is healed and his allies for a limited time.

    Every day, a devoured liver (ULTIMATE) : If Prometheus has at least 50% health, the spell is available, Prometheus gathers its last strength to concentrate all its power in a power attack.
    Prometheus dies but her resuscitation time is faster than normal.
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