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Thread: wtf is up with Ranked

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    wtf is up with Ranked

    So wtf is up with ranked.

    I was playing with my friend and we both played all 10 qualifying matches together. after we won like 8/10 we both got into a different league.

    I was thrown into gold 4 while my friend was placed in Diamond 5. 2 whole leagues apart...
    Now the thing is i don't care where i'm being placed because i know that when i play with my friend it would be easy for us to climb the ranks together.
    but how can it be that when you both play together.. in the same lane nonetheless, have a good score etc. still be placed 2 leagues away from eachother.

    now this was the same thing last time i played ranked with him (which was season 3 i believe) we again got placed leagues apart.

    It shouldn't be possible that when you duo queue you get placed so far apart, you should be in the same league (in my opinion).
    I'm not saying this because i wanna be diamond. i couldn't care less, being gold 4 with my friend would've been fine too. because like i said we could've played together and climb the ranks.

    But now i'm stuck here because by myself, not being able to play ranked with my friend.

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    muy buenos días, el día de ayer fui baneado de manera injustificada, recuerdo que jugando una partida de arena había seleccionado a Artemisa y el juego me ha sacado al saltarme un error, un momento después inicie sesion de nuevo y me apareció un error de carga y abajo decía cuenta baneada y nadie me dice aun el por que.... ya el día de ayer he creado un tiket y tampoco me han dicho nada aun mi cuenta es DARK0929 y mi user name es Scarypotter, quien me pueda dar información muchas gracias

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