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Thread: Xing Tian: Sky-Cutting Axe

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    Xing Tian: Sky-Cutting Axe

    This ability is pretty odd. Let's start with its description, that already says pretty much about what I mean:

    Xing Tian leaps forward, dealing damage to enemies when he lands, and he may leap again within 3s. While in the air, Xing Tian has increased protections, which are refreshed if he connects with a target.

    It clearly says 'leaps' but it's not really a leap, since you're subject to be dealt damage while in the air, so it's really more like a dash. And what's that about prots in the air? Why not just to be immune like every other leap?

    This skill should be a true leap, since it's the only one not exactly working like one, and give prots upon landing for a few seconds or slow enemies instead to have more utility, what's something where Xing Tian doesn't excels in and his damage is OK but not crazy to say 'well, he has not that much utility but his damage makes him fit that warrior role'. It's not enough for a warrior guardian, while his utility, even if not so low, isn't that much neither to be the supportive guardian. It would be actually nice that he lost the prots as an offset for winning the immunity from the leap but applied some measured slow that stacks with every jump. Something like 20%, so you could opt between making two enemies move a little slower or really slowing down just one of them.
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    Slow is totally unnecessary, he already has a debuff, knockup, root and the ult. And the ability is little similar to Neiths backflip, has some properties of a leap and some properties of a dash.

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    He can leap over cabrakan's wall, so you can't really call it a dash either. Sure Ganesha can dash through player made walls, but Xing Tian can't leap over Ymir's wall so it isn't even that.

    Honestly they should just make it so you don't have to have line of sight of the ground targeter so he can jump through all walls. But then i feel the same way about Ymir's wall, he should be able to place them in the jungle even if he can't see the ground targeter.(let him get those angled walls to really catch someone)

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