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Thread: Views on Modes

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    Views on Modes

    With the recent discussion of removing/consolidating Clash and Siege, here is my stance on that and other modes. This is coming from someone who has played Smite for 8 months at first mainly Arena, now more Assault and Joust.

    TLDR - The main problems with modes now is changes between Season 4 Fall and Season 5 Spring. These changes include both how item changes affected classes being played and how the playerbase changed its behavior ruining 2, almost 3 modes completely if not more.

    In Season 4 Arena despite some player's opinion I found Arena fun. It was not some mindless deathmatch like seen in other games, you have the ticket system to concern about, the need to pay attention to minions and there were many matches where the 2 teams would at different times face off waiting for the other to make a bad move or pick a moment to initiate an attack. Every class had a purpose.
    In Season 5 Arena has become a cancer where suddenly there is this change in player behavior. More players are trying to initiate teamfights early in the hope of racking up high kill counts for their egos and epeens with mindless aggression. Minions and tickets are either ignored or too many people attack them that has led to Hunters having less impact in the mode (see classes later on in this post) in addition to more Mages and fewer tanks being played, when tanks do show it is usually Guardians over Warriors. More toxicity coming from players who foolishly expect the ENTIRE playerbase to play this mindless deathmatch style play.
    Now I only use Arena when I cannot get any other match, desperately need to finish weekly quests or just quit Smite and go play Paladins for my game time. I even managed to go without an Arena match for a week before needing to finish a quest.
    I honestly believe Arena may need revising into a true deathmatch mode removing minions and tickets since that is what players want it to be. Then those who want mindless killing and all the bad gameplay and frustration can play that while those that want a different experience can go to other modes.

    Season 4 again was fun because players did this similar to how the tutorial showed it to be. 3 players started in one lane, 2 in the other, over time they began working more as a team.
    Season 5 has developed problems. First is that right from start players go to the red buff center and fight over it. HughZ on HiRezStew's Twitter said Clash was planned as an intro to Conquest when it came out (don't know, was not playing then), if so then having the center red buff is bad design since Conquest has no such thing, all buffs are spread evenly about the map except for the Gold Fury, Fire Giant, Pyromancer and Oracles.
    Second, even after the red buff fight, teams tend to group up as 4 or 5 in one area instead of spreading out making this more like Arena with 2 lanes and a small Jungle, less an intro to Conquest. Arena on a different map is still Arena and mindless (see above).
    Also the Season 5 changes to Conquest actually show a certain quality of Clash compared to Siege. Siege is more like an intro to Conquest since it has a bigger and better designed Jungle with 2 lanes compared to Clash. See Siege below for more.
    Really Clash may need to just go. If not then remove the center red buff to try and discourage the Arena like teamfighting (why have 2 modes doing the exact same play) leaving that space empty until the 10 minute Apophis spawn or replace the red buff with something else not easily fought for early again to discourage the at start teamfight. Perhaps change the side blue buffs to different ones since they get ignored too much, I do not see why there are so many blues on this map compared to all the others.

    Mostly fine though there has been complaint that the Titans go down too easy supposedly because if they are made too tough, then it becomes harder for Duels that uses the same map. Same argument can be made about the Bull Demon since it can be solod easy at early levels.
    Only way to fix this is to have separate instances of the map for Joust and Duels or make a totally separate Duels map. Perhaps if Clash is removed, rework the Clash map into a true Duels map then fix Joust Titans and Bull Demon so they are not so easy.

    I rarely play this because for some reason I could not and had little time to figure out. It came across as should have been 2 players per lane working up to teams as in other modes like Conquest, while there is no tutorial for it that is how it was explained to me when I tried it in Season 4.
    Still this mode is more like Conquest than Clash due to the Season 5 Conquest change making the Jungle bigger. Siege Jungle is bigger than Clash and camps are more evenly distributed with more variety plus a center camp sorta similar to the center ones in Conquest though with a Siege benefit, only the purple buff is missing being replaced by a second blue and no XP camps.
    Siege could be changed to be more of an intro to Conquest by going 5 v 5 encouraging more 2v2 lane action and having the 5th be the Jungler who clears the camps and ganks then replace one of the blues with a purple, there looks to also be enough room on this map to even add a couple white XP camps on each team's side as well.
    Can also keep this but do the reworks mentioned adding the Egyptian theme as a new Clash map.

    Actually semi-enjoyable due to the random god selection though that could use a bit of tweaking.
    The problem with total random god selection is certain team comps can have too much of an advantage. One example I saw was a team with 4 Mages and a Hunter, and all Mage/Hunter team may seem weak but having all that ranged damage is actually an advantage. Another is a team with 2-3 tanks vs a team with 1 or none, the second puts too much of a front line burden on one person (this is also seen in Arena and Clash).
    This could be fixed by changing how the random selection works. The new system would first randomly choose one of the 5 classes for each of the 5 players then random pick from each players gods of the chosen class. This way all 5 classes are used on each team and should prevent some of the imbalanced matchups as described and seen.

    Rarely play this for the following reasons.
    1 - Has been the most toxic experience of the modes I tried, almost every Conquest match had toxicity in it, while the other modes have their share it is not to the same amount.
    2 - Method of choosing gods and roles doesn't work (seen the same problem in other MOBAs). A person could for example call out Jungle and/or pick a Jungling god like Hun Batz only for another player on the same team to insta-lock a Jungler like Kali.
    Problem 2 could be fixed by trying to do god/role selection similar to games like MechWarrior Online (MWO). You choose your god and role before even queuing for a match then search, matchmaker would then look for a team with that role open and no one on the team using that god.

    Classes and Roles
    Currently it seems quite a number of players believe Mages, Assassins and Guardians are fine.
    Warriors currently have an issue where they are played the least and not seen as flexible in Conquest roles as other classes, the Warrior ADCs tried in Leagues were built wrong though so there is still no proof Warriors cannot ADC.
    Hunters even at full build and levels are not having the impact the other 3 classes are.
    Supports are too far behind in levels compared to all other Conquest roles.

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    The reason most people like Arena the way it is, is because it is the casual game mode. Matches rarely last more than 15 minutes, and given how each person has different time constraints this can often be the only game mode for them to play.

    Changing it in any fashion removes that and I can guarantee Arena will eventually fall off into the same territory that Domination did...
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