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Thread: Supports never reach lvl 20 anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorfindal View Post
    I tried a new strat and that is to farm jungle camps more than staying in lane. Played support the last 5 matches in ranked and its deffinetly better than leaching your adcs wave. And it doesnt really hurt the jungler cause they are usally busy at the solo side most games.
    That was actually the start most people were doing when S5 was on PTS. The reason it stopping being a thing was the upgraded sprint start making your ADC an easy first blood without a support there, or they got pressured in lane (since enemy knew they couldn't get anything from jungle, they as well stay there and push) which forces ADC to tower which just lead to them being behind in gold.

    It made the supports life slightly better, but would trash ADC until super late game. Fine if that is what you are going for, or if enemy team is bad, but it is risky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorfindal View Post
    I think there should be something done to the xp system. I dont have any good ideas, but reducing the xp needed for supports.

    Supports are pretty weak right now, cause there is so much farm elshewere than in duo.
    1.) This is both impossible and completely broken. If say a support bought Guardians Blessing and only needed the XP of Lv. 16 to hit Lv. 20, than what would be stopping people from putting carries or assassins in the support role to snowball while putting tanks somewhere else? There is no way this would work, and the old items that increase GP5 from beta were too strong and were a forced purchase for Support.

    2.) Supports are not weak, they are fine. If you want more farm so badly, then go to other areas in the map instead of camping in the duo lane the whole early-game. Back-camps are a super short respawn timer and are very easy to kill even without the Assassin Blessing. Supports don't need to have the same XP ranges as everyone else, Guardians/Warriors from solo lane or jungle that get solo-farm are already oppressive enough.

    Older items and strats are done and out, you need to either adapt to the new meta and changes or fall behind with the rest that can't support without their crutches. Conquest supports being lower in farm and gold in Smite has been a thing since Beta, this is simply just something you need to accept.
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