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Thread: Terrible matchmaking

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    Terrible matchmaking

    I am fantastically upset. I was invited to this game by a friend of mine, being promised that it would be fun. While the characters are interesting and there are interesting mechanics, the game has been rendered entirely unplayable because of the absolutely horrible matchmaking. I am level 47, and I am consistently paired with and against people who are level 140+, and in grandmasters. I can assure you, it isn't because of my elo. I wish I could play more, I want to play more to get a higher level and learn more about the game, but, between being insulted and abused by players much higher level than me, I can only win a game when I play with people who are 3 times higher level than me. As far as I understand, this has been a lasting issue that's been around for a while. I can't even comment on the gameplay experience because there is none. I don't have the skill to compete against people who have been playing for YEARS, so I get overwhelmed and beaten senseless every game to the point where there's barely a game to be had. Not only has the game made me feel inadequate and want to uninstall it permanently, but the players I'm playing with and against aren't getting a good quality game at all. How can this be allowed? What is being done about this?

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    you would have been better off on console, pc smite people are for more experienced
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