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Thread: New Patch Update Frequency

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    New Patch Update Frequency

    Patches are being released with more time now and I don't think that's necessarily bad. I already thought that updates were done with too many bugs and so poor content, sometimes. I agree with the new system if it helps with that but I also have a fear. Lately, it's been taking too long to make the proper changes to gods and items. Ullr took months to be nerfed and it was so obvious it was needed. Like that, there are tons of cases where balance has taken too much time to be done, whether making insignificant changes to gods and items clearly overwhelming or not making them at all. Taking more time to release patches is an understandable and maybe even good idea but only if broken stuff is quickly recognized and treated. The last thing I want to see in Smite is things taking even slower to be balanced. They usually tweak some broken things in one patch and leave the rest for the next one, currently. This can't happen if updates are going to be postponed for two weeks or more now. Most of the problems of Smite should be attached and shifted as soon as possible, and not leave one half for a patch and the other for the following, as I feel it is right now.

    To sum up, I think it's reasonable you work like this now, but also do it properly and be fast with the balance, as if it continues at the rate it is currently, I think it will hit hard the game.
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