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Thread: I'm frustating at support role...

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    I'm frustating at support role...

    Really frustrated because I can't seem to find success with any support anymore.
    I get it, Supports need to rotate. But from that point on when I try to rotate, all jungle camps are either cleared or all lanes are pushed, leaving me with nothing to do. I tried to stay in lane once, but my adc would just hush me away.

    In the end I was underleved, dying even more in teamfights and this really takes away the motivation to play support again.
    Where am I supposed to go and where do I get exp not to fall behind? I can't always walk around and hope there's someone to gank. even then, an assassin would be more suited for that than a tank.

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    When I play support (Aphro or Chang'e), I stick with someone. I might rotate around, like keep a mage alive early on but hang out with a tank later to help push the push.

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    you have to think ahead a little about where your going before you go
    but you shouldnt really go anywher early game unless you know ther is farm there
    ealry game you should be at as many red /purple right mids and gold harpys as can as well as catching as many waves as you can
    mid game you should be mostly around mid lane or with your jungler
    if someone on your team is poping off stay with them and get as many assist as you can
    but gold is king for supports

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    Yeah I notice that too sometimes. In a game yesterday the adc was telling the support to get out of his lane. And I am thinking: thats all fine, but where is the support supposed to go? He needs to leech xp from somewhere. If its not from adc then its from mid or solo. Doing the jungle is not always viable for supports too cause depending on their build and god, they can't really clear jungle fast enough. Solo'ing a buff as full tank fafnir? Thats gonna take you a while. If you're an athena support, you could do camps much better.

    So imo adcs need to be at least considerate about where a support is gonna get his farm, and this can mean that they need to share some xp. Although in some cases its true that a support should rotate out of the adc lane.

    For example:
    -if the enemy support is rotating, you can rotate as well
    -if you are in lane while the enemy support is not, try to get something out of it. You can be more aggressive and try to invade.
    -if one of your teammates dies or has to back at a bad time, go to their tower and defend it. Solo the wave or hold the wave untill he gets back.
    -assist your jungler with an invade or a gank.

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